Are Arched Windows Outdated? Updated For 2021

If the eyes are windows to the soul, the windows are the soul-mirrors of your home!

But, when someone says something is outdated, they might be wrong – when it comes to taste in home design, nothing is written in stone. History, with a bit of twist and creativity, can be a trendsetter for home decor. 

To answer the question if arched windows are outdated:

  • No, arch windows are definitely not outdated. Although, many people think that they are outdated, there are many ways to make your arched windows modern!

In this article, we will be answering many questions:

  • How to modernize arched windows?
  • How to hide an arched window?
  • Are arched windows more expensive?
  • How to cover an arched doorway?
  • Can I replace arched windows with a square window?

Let’s find out if arched windows are really outdated in the rest of the article.

How to Modernize Arched Windows?

It is not difficult at all to get quite an elegant, yet modern arched window with a few simple tips and ideas. Foremost, try to think of the big picture; what style do you go for? Is your home overall a boho or rustic style that combines old with a twist of modern? Or is it fully luxurious and sleek-like? Whatever the case, don’t limit your creative ideas.

1) Think outside the box, except imagine yourself inside

Be creative here by imagining yourself on the inside of the home, and how it would look from both inside and out. The inside idea can look good, but on the outside is tacky, or vice versa.

According to Kolbe Windows, The best course of action is to go for what you would like on the inside (of course, you’ll spend most of your time inside, right?) and secondly, pair it off with the exterior of the house (to match nicely with the existing facade colors, yard setting, yard decor, bricks/walls look, etc.).

2) Think of other interior things in turn – the arch windows will follow

You might struggle to push yourself to come up with the best possible, modernized, or interesting at least arched window look for the home – don’t! If you don’t think of this yourself or don’t even consult experts, it is still good.

Try to make the best of what you have on the inside. Think of it like this: if you make the interior sophisticated, rustic, modern, elegant and polished, or even something eccentric – the arched windows will most likely ‘follow’.

Walls and the arch color could play a helping role; for example, if they are eggshell white, go for sleek, black and white marble or black elements interior decor with yellow or neon elements.

Or if the walls and arch are a darker color, say ‘brick’ tone, go for metallic shine decor, stone, and grey, or even earthy-wood ‘vibe’ elements. Do not limit yourself to following one decor style just because a specific arch says so. Mixing ‘old’ and ‘new’ styles can turn out quite adorably lux!

How to Hide an Arched Window?

If you have decided definitely, most certainly that you want to hide the arched window, no worries – this can be done without much fuss or hassle. Yes, it doesn’t even have to be an extreme amount of finances set aside, as long as you make the most of your creative mind and frugal sense.

First thing’s first – for the interior, the most obvious solution is to try and put some drapes or curtains over or to the sides of the arched window. This is not just simple but will freshen up the interior and add a whole new adorable dimension to the inside of your home. 

Surely, you can be creative here, whether it’s a classic curtain, or even a beaded one (door beads if you are into the New Age boho thing), rest assured it is a quick and good way to hide an arch. In this context, a basic blind halfway down makes it all look rectangular and basic, plain and neat.

If the window is in the kitchen or living room, why not add wine racks? Choose some practical ones that hold the bottles in place, safe and secure above head-height level and you got yourself a bohemian leisure corner in the home. Maybe even some foliage, bamboo decors, or shelves for cookbooks, lattice elements, and similar.

Both for inside and outside; why not even try something tricky that might work – such as getting the focus exactly on the arch! For example, translucent or iridescent glass or paints over it (of course, consult experts on interior about this and how exactly it can be done). Or go for something like stained or iridescent glass – with some idea like this, you can always get a unique light coming in through.

From the outside, you can always go for some built-in lights that illuminate the front yard nicely, or even some painting work, large ‘square’ frames of foliage or flowers, even something like arbors or trellises as rectangle-installed minimal ‘frames’ – this also gives you a chance to add random yard decors that get more attention next to the windows.

Are Arched Windows More Expensive?

Yes, Arched Windows are more expensive on average when you factor in average cost for purchase and hiring labor cost for installation, as well as replacement and maintenance costs.

For comparison, let’s see at the square window basic prices first.

According to HomeAdvisor, A single hung window varies from $100 to $400 per window, and double-hung is $150 to $650 per window. A fixed/picture is $65 to $700, a casement type is $150 to $1000. Also, the labor cost for this spans from $30 to $50 per hour.

Now, for the arched windows.

Most affordable ones span from $200 to $350, give or take, depending on details and specifics, plus an additional $125(+) for the installation itself. This price range offers the basic features, usually a framing of vinyl and a fixated frame. If there is a need to replace and reinstall the frame and its components, add another $250 to it too.

Mid-range prices span between $350 and $500; you can choose the frame materials (usually aluminum, fiberglass, or wood-clad) and customize it as well. The installation costs range between $425 to $750 approximately.

Lastly, the premium prices vary between a minimum of $500 up to $800. Here you get large windows (such as casement ones), the best glass quality, and good frame choice as well. Here, the installation cost would range from $750 minimum up to $1100 per window.

How to Cover an Arched Doorway?

The best way to cover an arched dorway would be hanging up some elegant and very stylish blinds, from the arch, all the way down.

Depending on the room in front and behind the arched doorway, adjust the blind type; for home office space, go black or very dark charcoal grey. The last and simplest, sure way is to go for curtain rods and curtains, or even beaded curtains.

Also, why not a customized bookcase? Shelves, or a whole ‘wall’ of bookshelves, or square bookshelf frame? Other cool ideas are of course the Shoji or Barn doors, dividers, pattern-textured panels, and similar.

Be as creative as possible. We are talking bookshelves that can go vertical narrow on the sides, with horizontal shelve installment on the arch for more books there too. Or, try shoe shelves (for entrance room) vertical and narrow to the sides, with built-in lights or light bulbs at the arch (supported on some holders/elements).

Why not even some vertical console top elements, and holders for ornaments at the arch, cubical paintings, or similar? Every adorable decor or practical element you might want, but doubt where it could fit – it could be incorporated in this way.

Can I Replace Arched Windows With a Square Window?

Yes, it is possible to replace arched windows with a square type of window. However, it is not the easiest task to do alone. Unless you are a pro at this type of work, it is best to hire experts and not risk any wall structure issues. 

But, remember, every arched window is a rectangle one, with an arch above it and created as a semicircle. So, with this in mind, the experts could ‘hide’ the arch with some filling, blending it too, some trims, drywall perhaps, and similar.

However, if you try squaring off the internal arch, the ‘dummy nutshell prep tips are to have a table saw, Sawzall, finish nail gun, flat pry bar, hammer, common board wood stain color, repair materials for the drywall, and similar.

Define the type of arch. Then remove it with the Sawzall, and next, it is drywall repair time. The boards are customized (i.e. cut adjusting), for the sides, and then for the top. Next, you create-build the top piece and install the trim. 

Sounds easy, but you might need some expert advice or a helping hand if you’re new to this. This is hiding the arch, without just masking it, and without reinstalling everything from scratch.


Arched windows are not only not outdated, but they are an opportunity for modernizing external and internal space too.

Having arched windows or openings in your home means you can get ultra-creative with decorations, element placements, and practical beautifying of the space. This is a cool way to be busy around the home. Good luck!

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