Top 7 Best Beach House Ceiling Fans

Having a home by the beach is a dream come true.

But decorating a beachside house is another adventure in itself. Most stylish beach houses feature unique coastal accents, ocean-inspired arts, an inviting outdoor area, and a laid-back beach vibe.

Often we miss elevating the most common propels of our home according to the beachy theme. One of them is definitely the fans which become an intrinsic part of your decor.

To make things easier for you, we have curated the list of best beach house ceiling fans.

Best Coastal Ceiling Fans for Beach Houses

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50500-01 Sabal Palm 52″ Ceiling Fan

Having a tropical design, Honeywell Sabal Palm is the Best Rustic Ceiling Fan for your beach abode.

With hand-carved wooden blades in a leaf style, it makes an exquisite choice for coastal homes. You get a reversible motor that is beautifully integrated into the fan. Moreover, the motor is quiet with an aged brass finish

It includes lights in the form of the Tuscan sand LED bowl that adds a fascinating feel to your favorite rooms. Although you do not get a remote it is still compatible with it if you wish to buy one.

Seeing the fan’s look, nobody can deny it’s one of the best fans for a beach home. Apart from the design, other high benefits of the fan make it a great fit for our list.

Emerson kathy ireland HOME Batalie Breeze, 52 Inch, Venetian Bronze

Emerson Batalie Breeze is another palm leaf-inspired Best Styled Beach House Ceiling Fan.

With an alluring effect, this fan comes in two enchanting finishes. One is Satin White and the other is Venetian Bronze. You can choose anyone to match your home’s color palettes.

You get palm leaf-shaped blades that amplify the coastal vibes of your beach home. It is easy to operate using beautiful pull chains included in the fan.

The Emerson Fan is wet-rated and includes weather-resistant blades. Thus, it’s ideal to give exotic look to your home’s outdoor areas including patio, deck, and outdoor porch.

Having an ultra-quiet, heavy-duty motor you get a fan with long durability. 

It claims to cool the temperature by 5 degrees with its super chilling airflow capacity. Being both durable and decorative, we had to include this fan on our list. 

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii Bronze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

With an innovative design and engineering, the Harbor Breeze is the Best 2-in-1 Ceiling Fan for a Beach House.

This Harbor fan is one of the latest style combinations of two fans and a light kit in the center. As it’s an unusual design, it adds a unique zing to your beachside abode.

You get a remote to operate the fan with ease.

It includes a super quiet and highly durable motor. Since you get 2 fans at the price of one, you are sure to get more airflow all over your room. Moreover, the fan is Energy Star Certified to help you save more on your power bills.

Although it includes lots of components to elevate your coastal spaces, it’s a budget-friendly option. Having so many benefits and uniqueness we couldn’t stop ourselves from including this fan on our list.

Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

The Honeywell Duval is the Best Quick to Install Beach House Ceiling Fan.

The tropical design of the fan touts the laid-back beach feel in your coastal houses. Including 5 ETL wet-rated wicker blades, this fan is best for both your outdoor and indoor spaces.

It comprises a special feature called “Quick 2 Hang” technology that makes the installation of the fan hassle-free for you. With an oil-rubbed bronze finish, you add an enchanting effect to elevate your beachside residence.

If you are looking for a fan without lights, this is the ideal choice for you. You can operate the fan using simple and elegant pull chains. 

As it comes from the Honeywell brand which is a top-rated ceiling fan seller, you can opt for this fan for a simple yet elegant look.

Prominence Home 50759-01 Ocean Crest Ceiling Fan

The Ocean Crest Prominence is the Best Beach House Ceiling Fan with an Attractive Light Fixture.

If you are looking for a beautiful masterpiece of art with lights then the Ocean Crest fan is perfect for you. It’s the best choice for people who love the rustic tropical look in their homes.

As the fan blades are leaf-shaped with a bronze sunburst finish they complement a beach whimsy feeling in your homes. 

The main attraction of the fan is the centerpiece light fixture. It’s finely crafted with bright lights to enhance the ambiance of your beach-facing spaces. You get a 3 speed remote with dimmable lights.

Having a pretty silent and strong motor, it is a long-lasting fan.

With alluring appeal and enduring features, the Prominence Ocean Crest fan made a top place on our list.

Honeywell Palm Island 50505-01 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

The Honeywell Palm Island is the Best Budget-Friendly Beach House Ceiling Fan.

As the name suggests, inspired by a palm island the design of the fan blends well with your coastal vibes. It has 5 reversible blades colored in sandstone.

The fan gives a tropical look with hand-carved basswood blades. Moreover, the blades are reversible to give you the choice of two looks at the price of one. One side is palm and the other is wicker patterned.

As the fan is ETL damp-rated it makes the best choice for covered outdoor areas saving some bucks on your electricity bills.

You get a reasonable quiet motor with good quality. One thing to note is this fan does not have any integrated lights. 

This is a simple yet modern fan to complete the beach theme of your home without hurting your budget.

Prominence Home 80018-01 Solona Ceiling Fan 

The Prominence Solona is the Best Contemporary Ceiling Fan for your Beach House.

With a cream white finish, the Prominence tropical style fan makes an ideal propel for your coastal homes. It includes 5 reversible blades with different patterns on each side. 

To add more, the blades are made of ABS plastic such that they will not wilt in the weather. So, this fan can be installed in covered outdoor and indoor places.

Having a noiseless motor, high quality with 3-speed settings, you can control this fan using pull chains. It’s compatible with remote control also, but it needs to be bought separately.

You also get an integrated white swirled marble glass light bowl in the center with energy-efficient light bulbs to uplift the brightness of your rooms.

Blending well with modern beach houses, we think this fan makes a perfect choice for you.

Palm Leaf Fans & Tropical Fans Things To Know

Outdoor Fans Need More Maintenance

Damp Rating or Wet Rating 

Now the big question is, “How to identify if the fan you are planning to buy is suitable for your outdoor location?” Well, here is the answer.

A damp-rated ceiling fan can be installed in covered areas like patios with sheds, garages, and so on. They should not be exposed directly to rainwater.

A wet-rated ceiling fan can be installed in any outdoor place as they are waterproof and designed to withstand changes in weather and moisture.

Resistance Against Corrosion

The air in beachy areas consists of salts that cause corrosive action against the fan blades. This can be avoided only by using fan-built marine-grade components.

Most outdoor fans are built with ABS plastic and are known as all-weather fans. With these fans made using galvanized tubular steel and powder-coated paint, they deter corrosion and rust. Also, the motor is sealed using waterproof material.  

Outdoor Fans Need More Airflow 

Fan Breeze Rating Will Affect Airflow

Not all fans give the same airflow in the outdoor spaces due to changes in the weather. So, it’s always best to check the breeze rating of the fan before buying it. Buying fans with 4 star or 5-star breeze ratings ensure a fan to be efficient in moving the air in the outdoor areas.

Fan Sizing For Your Space

Choosing the right size of fan for your outdoor areas can be sometimes trickier compared to indoor fans.

However, on average you can follow the given sizes by measuring the immediate patio or porch area.

Spaces up to 75 square feet29-36 inch
Spaces up to 76-144 square feet36-42 inch
Spaces up to 144-225 square feet44 inch
Spaces up to 225-400 square feet50-54 inch

Fan Motor Should Be Considered

One important factor to consider is whether your motor is AC or DC. 

AC motors consume lots of energy and are highly inefficient compared to DC motors.

DC motors on the other hand use 75% less electricity to run the same components on AC motors. So, it’s clear that a DC motor should be your ideal choice to save money on power consumption bills.

Where Should I Place Outdoor Fans?

Outdoor Patio\Porch

The most common places to add an outdoor fan are your patios and porches. Whether you want to sit and relax there with a book for hours or you want to just have a small talk with your friend in an outdoor place, you need to be comfortable with a cool breeze. Outdoor fans cool the temperature immediately, giving you a relaxed and laid-back environment to enjoy your outdoor moments.


Solariums and sunrooms can become unwantedly warm in peak summers or springs making it uncomfortable to sit there. By just installing an outdoor fan you can still take the pleasure of a sunbath and have a cool breeze at the same time.


As garages are usually hot due to the way we use them, an outdoor fan can be very helpful there. By installing a ceiling fan you can make your mechanical work a bit comfortable. 


You have now got the entire list of fans to compliment the coastal theme of your beach house. Also, you now have a guide on how to choose the best outdoor fans for your beachside homes.

Our top choice for outdoor places is Prominence Home 50759-01 Ocean Crest Ceiling Fan

Our top choice for indoor beach view rooms is Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50500-01 Sabal Palm 52″ Ceiling Fan.

Let us know which fan you liked most on our list?

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