Top 8 Boy Ceiling Fan That Adds A Pop Of Color To A Neutral Space

Setting up a boy’s bedroom can really prove to be a real challenge. Choosing furniture, wall decors, and other bedroom stuff that go along with his interest seems to be a difficult task.

When we talk about some permanent installations such as the bedroom’s ceiling fan, you definitely want something that he does not get bored of soon.

You want something exciting and fun that he could appreciate for a long time. As opposed to furniture or posters, ceiling fans are not something that you can change easily.

Need help in choosing the perfect fit?

Ask no more, we came up with a list of our favorite boys’ bedroom ceiling fans which will go great with his room décor.

Top 8 Best Boy Ceiling Fans

1. Prominence Home Orbis Ceiling Fan, 52, Matte Black

This matte black ceiling fan is the way to go if you are into classy yet contemporary looks. With a blade span of 52” inches this fan is perfect for medium to large-sized rooms.

  • This fan comes with an integrated LED ring light which contrasts the matte black theme of the fan making it look like a fan god.
  • If this was not enough, you will be more than glad to hear that this one comes up with reversible blades! Yes, you can just reverse the blades and change the look from matte black to zebrawood patterns.
  • This Orbis fan has reversible motors which are ultra-efficient whether you want to cool down on summer days or get some warm air in the winter season.
  • The matte black color reversible blades coupled with the use of integrated LED ring light are surely the most appealing factors for us. This product offers great value for its price.

Stars: 4/5

2. Honeywell Ceiling Fans Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan 52″, Indoor, Rustic Barnwood Blades, Industrial Cage Light, Matte Black

This Honeywell ceiling fan comes with warm rustic barn wood looks. We have not seen a prettier tri-mount compatible industrial-style ceiling fan.

  • This fan has dynamic hanging abilities as it can be mounted in numerous ways.
  • The rustic blades perfectly compliment the matte black web.
  • This Honeywell fan has an Edison-style light bulb which will give a really warm look to his den.
  • With a reversible motor, you can even use it in winters to get warm air and save up on heating costs.
  • This fan offers three-speed settings and smart sync for quick setups.

If you are the one who looks for low price and value for money.

That this Honeywell Rustic Blade fan with reversible motors should be one of the strongest contenders.

Not only this would make your living space look great but also save up on your energy costs in winters.

Stars: 4.5/5

3. Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control, 52 Inch, Brushed Nickel (Number of Blades 4)

So, this modern style Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan is equipped with double-faced white/silver blades along with stylish nickel-plated motor housing.

·   This fan comes with a LED light that has higher brightness and longer service life.

  • All of the fan’s functions are controlled using the remote control.
  • The color temperatures on this fan can also be changed in between, cool light, warm light, and natural light.
  • Just like the Honeywell this one also comes equipped with a reversible motor which can save energy cost.
  • This Warmipanet product also come with a reversible motor which can change the direction of the airflow and this feature will surely help the customers to cut down the energy costs in winters.
  • The best thing that a Warmiplanet ceiling fan has to offer is the customer support service. The products passed through some strict quality certifications and they do offer a 24/7 support service in case the fan malfunctions.

This fan is light on pocket and still, it is a pretty good deal if we consider the option it offers.

Stars: 3/5

4. Indoor Ceiling Fan Light Fixtures – FINXIN Black Remote LED 52 Ceiling Fans for Bedroom

This Finxin fan will give any space a beautiful upgrade.

This is a 52” inch triple blade fan. It is built from the finest of all materials. Led lights are attached with solid plastic fittings to the motor unit, which creates a wonderful ambiance for his bedroom.

  • It is an ultra-quiet motor that delivers ultra-powerful air movement with quiet performance, so you get all the cool winds without any of the noise.
  • This fan can be easily controlled by remote control.
  • The vintage fixture finish on its motor unit enhances the look of this fan even more.
  • It offers three-way LED colored light.

This fan offers the best of looks. Any room will start looking a lot better than it already is after the installation of this vintage-looking Finxin fan.

Stars: 3/5

5. Honeywell – Kaliza Ceiling Fan, 56, Bright White

Honeywell offers a bold and beautiful design with its Kaliza ceiling fan.

With a blade span of 56” inches this design is the perfect fit for his bedroom if he has a large or a master bedroom.

This fan is crafted using unique modern details. It features. a white finish accompanied by the long lines that make the arm of the blades.

  • The blades are reversible with one side having a white finish while the other side showcasing a lovely gray wash fixture finish.
  • As with the other Honeywell fans, this one also comes with integrated LED light with a mechanism to dim the light according to your liking.
  • As for most of the fans, this one can also be controlled using a remote control. 3-speed setting and the light brightness can be controlled by the wireless remote control.
  • Alexa and Google Home are compatible with this unit.
  • With a bold and contemporary flair, we just had to list the Kaliza ceiling fan by Honeywell.

Stars: 4/5

6. Light Industrial Ceiling Fan Retractable Blades Vintage Cage Chandelier, 42 Inch, Black

This ceiling fan is a combination of 42” inch vintage-style blades with a retro chandelier. This will surely be an attractive addition to a boy’s bedroom.

  • The fan blades are retractable automatically upon turning the fan on/off.
  • The clear and acrylic blades on this fan bring powerful wind force with them.
  • This fan can be controlled by a remote with three-speed and 4 model running time settings.
  • This comes equipped with Edison-style bulbs giving the room’s vibe a warmer touch.

This fan will surely be the center of attention of all the fixtures in his space and we are confident that he will cherish the vintage look of this fan.

Stars: 4/5

7. HUNTER Crestfield Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Pull Chain, 42″, Fresh White

Vintage-inspired blades, rustic look, and vintage detailing can be seen in Crestfield’s rustic ceiling fan.

This fan comes in multiple sizes and finishes to allow you to modify the looks of the room according to his style.

The LEDs in this ceiling fan are fully dimmable and they are highly efficient which gives you full control over the room’s lighting.

  • Crestfield rustic ceiling fans come with LED lights wrapped in clear glass.
  • Whisper wind motor offers a noise-free environment to the room.
  • The motor is reversible which would cut down the energy costs in winters.
  • With a traditional design, this fan comes with a pull chain control which can also adjust the speed of the fan.

This fan is light on pocket and with its traditional and elegant looks, it is a great option for his room.

Stars: 3.5/5

8. Honeywell Quick-2-Hang Hugger Ceiling Fan, 52” White Swirled Marble Fixtures, Cimmeron/Walnut Blades, Brushed Nickel

If he likes to make his space look cool, then this classic low-profile Honeywell fan is just the thing you were looking for.

With its warm design, this fan will complement almost any space. Its installation is super easy which saves time and money.

  • This fan offers a super-quiet environment thanks to the whisper motor it is equipped with.
  • It comes up with 4 speed powerful and reversible motor which helps with cutting costs on energy.
  • A pull chain mechanism is added for quick and easy on/off adjustments.
  • As for the other Honeywell ceiling fans, this one also comes up with LED bulbs.
  • The price and ease of carrying this fan around make this fan a great value for money.

Stars: 4/5

How to choose the perfect fit

Choosing a perfect fit requires a little research but do not worry we have already done it for you.

Is the first thing you need to keep in mind is the size of the fan. Ceiling fans come in different sizes and it is important to choose the right one which fits the dimensions of the room.

A large fan in a small room will just make the room messy, noisy, and windy. Hence the size should be the first thing that you need to consider before purchasing.

Who wants to be interrupted by noise while doing their business?

After a long day what everyone wants is peace and quiet. This is where the fan motor plays a part. A noisy motor is a no-go zone for us.

The quietest ceiling fans have DC motors instead of AC ones so that is one thing that we need to look into before jumping to any purchasing decisions.

What style are you going for?

So, this is where you decide about the fan styling.

  • If you want to go for contemporary looks Prominence and Honeywell Ceiling Fans are a great option. Their designs are classy, mature, and offer the modern looks that you need. Honeywell Kaziila Fan is a great example of contemporary and bold design.
  • In contrast to that if you want a more traditional design then the retractable blade fan with a vintage country chandelier is definitely the right choice for your Victorian taste.
  • The Honeywell rustic barn wood with black grill and Edison-styled bulbs is the perfect fit if you want to go for more industrial-styled designs.

Make a futuristic choice!

We must make our choice future proof; this means we should choose designs that will not be boring or bland.

The design should be fun, colorful, exciting and should go along with the existing ornaments and décor of the room.

Industrial, modern, and vintage-styled ceiling fans are all great deals because of their evergreen designs and are unlikely to go out of style in the future.

Having said that, choosing a futuristic ceiling fan for boys’ room is more than just looks.

Finding a fan that offers advanced technology should be a highlight if you want to keep the same fan for a long period.

In this era of rapid technological advancements, we must make choices accordingly.

Final Thoughts

If we conclude the debate above, we can figure out that we need a timeless design and technologically advanced ceiling fan.

If we keep this in mind, then: Honeywell Kaliza Ceiling Fan with its bold design and futuristic technology such as being compatible with Alexa and Google Home is a clear winner here.

With its rustic and industrial design, Honeywell Rustic Barnwood Blades is the first runner-up on our list.

Its reversible motor tech and Edison-styled bulbs have made sure that it gets features in our top three choices.

A vintage caged Chandelier fan with retractable blades is the second runner-up. This fan can make the whole room a lot warmer and come on! who does not like the warm vibes?

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