Best Ceiling Fan Brands

As we move on with time, it is becoming more and more difficult to choose a fan that suits best to your needs, has good looks, and is reliable. This is mainly because of the growing competition and the new entrants in the fan industry.

The industry is so saturated, and the competitors try to outdo each other with every ceiling fan they launch.

There is no debate when it comes to the fact that buying a ceiling fan from a well-recognized and reputable brand will be a cost-effective choice in the long run. Though low-quality ceiling fans comparatively have a lower price tag initially, the cost will add up in the long run, credits to ineffective use of electricity and high maintenance costs.

What Are The Best Ceiling Fan Brands?

There are several premium brands in this industry, and we have taken up the job to relieve you of this stress, so we have managed to put up a list of the best brands this industry offers for you to choose from.

Hunter fan company

These fans have been around for about 135 years now. They have managed to outperform the other competitors for the better half of the century.

  • It is all because they managed to keep up with the changing trends and consumer demands.
  • Their progressive ideas and incremental innovation kept them ahead of others.
  • Hunter fans have adopted top-of-the-line cutting-edge technologies to make their fans stand out.
  • With technical innovations, they have managed to keep their motors the quietest among all the competitors along with efficient and powerful airflow.

This company is among the few who offer the best features that will surely be valid in the future.

Casablanca Fan Company

The Casablanca fab company laid its foundation in 1974. The mid 70’s energy crisis made everyone look into better alternatives for cooling, Casablanca proved to be a cheap energy substitute hence it didn’t take long for Casablanca to make it is on the fan industry.

  • They have got a specialized research and development department that sets it apart from other companies.
  • They test their products in-house to ensure that only the best of products make their way to the market.

When we talk about fans that we can count on, have the best reliability or energy efficiency, Casablanca’s name will always top the list.

Big Ass Fans

The Haiku ceiling fan is made by Big Ass Fans, yes you read it right, it is a company that was founded in 1999, and since its inception, Haiku ceiling fans have made them a strong contender in the ceiling fan industry.

  • Haiku fans are among the leaders of the industry when it comes to noise level, style, and efficient use of energy.
  • You can control Haiku fans with your voice using Alexa or Google Home.
  • Its cutting-edge technology enables it to control the fan speed itself even if you are asleep.
  • Haiku fans have 8 different speed settings in addition to the 16 different brightness settings for their lights.
  • The best thing about this fan is that the company allows you to customize the fan.

Haiku fan has a bold design, and it comes with several options for its users. It is made with top-quality materials hence it is among the most resistant fans.

Emerson Fan Company

Emerson’s foundations go way back to 1890 when John W. Emerson started it in St. Louis. Since then, they have been a famous name in the ceiling fan industry.

  • Emerson fans also include the option of building and customizing your fan if the existing designs do not appeal to you.
  • Emerson fan company has worked hard on their energy patterns and they have managed to reduce their fan’s energy consumption by 40 percent.
  • The Eco Motor and DC motor have contributed to making this fan’s noise almost non-existent.

Emerson fans are among the best value you can get for your money. With futuristic designs and advanced technology, they have made their well-deserved name in this industry.

Westinghouse Fan Company

Westinghouse has got a long history of producing high-quality tech products. Westinghouse company was founded in 1886. Since then, they started innovating and they have contributed so much to the quality of life we live today.

  • Their fans are known for rock-solid performance.
  • Their ceiling fans undergo various tests to make sure that the final product surpasses the accepted standards for offices, homes, etc.
  • They are also one of the top-rated light bulbs companies and they have merged that with their fans which resulted in an excellent combination.

Westinghouse company has been around for more than a century, their top quality and reliable products have made them a big name in the ceiling fan industry.

Minka Aire Fan Company

Minka Aire fans are made by the Minka group which is a big name in the decorative light industry. These fans are available in many styles. Their most popular design is a 3-blade design.

  • They have got traditional, contemporary, and modern styles that are inspired by current trends.
  • Their product line has both indoor and outdoor options.

They are a brand with diversified products, you pick a room, and they will have a perfect fit for it.

Honeywell Fan Company

Honeywell fan company is one of the top names in the fan industry. It was founded in 1906 which explains how they built a huge empire.

  • With a top-quality Honeywell fan little to no maintenance is required.
  • Most of their fans come with reversible motors so, whether you need to stay cool or feel a little toasty, Honeywell fans can keep you comfortable in either situation.
  • Their ceiling fans are aesthetically pleasing and stylish accompaniments to the house.

Honeywell fans are reliable, decent-looking, and the best part is that these fans are future-proof thanks to Alexa and Google Home features.

Fanimation Fan Company

This fan company was founded in 1984 in Pasadena, California. This company is hardly committed to meet all the industry standards.

  • Each of their fans is designed and built using high-quality materials.
  • This company is dedicated to only making fans, so they have specialized in the art of making top quality and excellent fans.
  • They take pride in having the most distinctive design.

Fanimation fans have a lot to offer. They have bold and unique designs along with top-line tech involved in their products. They make one of the best-looking fans out there in the market.

Monte Carlo Fan Company

This company was founded in 1996. They have been producing unique ceiling fans. They have established themselves well in the market and specialize in designs inspired by emerging trends.

  • They have got sleek and contemporary designs.
  • One of their strongest games is the after-purchase customer service.

Monte Carlo fans have high manufacturing standards but their attention to design and details have given them a strong grip in this industry.

Star Rating: 4/5

Which fan is the best fit for you?

In the last few decades, this industry has increased and evolved so much to keep up with the trends. This resulted in strong competition among the most reputed brands. While some brands focused on innovating others focused on more specific purposes. This diversified the market a lot which is healthy, but it got a little difficult for us to choose from a huge number of options.

Having said that, we do not think that you should waste your precious tie in choosing the “right one” for your space. At the end of the day, all brands have their pros and cons. Just pick a fan from any of the brands on this list and you will be perfectly okay. Make sure you pick one according to your needs, accessibility, and taste.

Things differentiating these brands.

All the brands listed above are among the best in the world. Some of these brands are more than a century old. This song speaks a lot about their integrity, quality, innovation, and customer service. This being said we are not taking any glory away from relatively newer companies as they have managed to develop themselves in a market along with these old giants.

The thing that sets each brand apart is the area they focus on. Some focus on looks while others give more attention to the tech side. Choosing the perfect brand depends upon you.

What do you want? If you are the one who is more towards looks than applications, brands like Funimation would be a great option. If you want to cut your electricity costs, then Emerson should be a top name on your list. If you want smooth after-purchase customer service, then Monte Carlo is the best.

What we are trying to say is that all brands are a little different because of what they offer. The decision to buy is ultimately yours. Just ask yourself what made you think of purchasing a fan in the first place and you will be just fine!

Make a future-proof choice.

“Will this fan be valid in the future?”. This is the most important question that you need to ask yourself before jumping in and buying any fan. The fan you choose should be fun, cheerful, and go along with existing décor in the living space.

Some designs such as vintage and rustic have that thing that will never grow out of trend. Looks aside, finding a brand that offers advanced technological options like energy-efficient, and is compatible with a smart app like Alexa or Google Home would be a highlight in making a futuristic choice.


All the brands that we have listed are without any doubt the best in their trade. They have established themselves well in the market and they deserve all the claps coming their way.

To conclude this review, we are going to pick our top choices to help you make your choice.

Best ceiling fan brands

We think that Honeywell is a clear winner here. They have one of the best designs, that are subtle yet attractive. They have got the whispers motors and they are perfectly compatible; with smart home apps like Alexa or google home. All these things have made Honeywell the king of our ceiling fans.

Hunter fan company is a close runner-up with its cutting-edge tech and a diversified product line with all different sizes, designs, double-faced finishes, and many more.

We hope that this little list makes it easy for you guys to choose the perfect ceiling fan for yourself!

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