The Truth: Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioner?

When thinking about the best means of keeping your corporate or personal space ventilated, the most probable option that would come to your mind is whether to consider purchasing a ceiling fan or an air conditioner.

Which should you choose between Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioner? 

We recommend Air conditioners over Ceiling Fans because its cooler air emission, their uniform way of keeping your personal space cool, and their better circulation around the room where it is turned on.

Although ceiling fans and air conditioners have been around for a while, air conditioners emit much cooler air. This is why they are the most prevalent option for most home and office owners who intend to always leave their spaces with the best cooling effect.

The big question now is, air conditioners vs fans, which is the best medium of central air cooling for your homes or office spaces? Let’s go over the pros and cons of both for a more concise answer about the better option for you.

Difference Between Air Conditioner and Fan

Are Fans More Efficient Than Air Conditioner?

Yes, Air Conditioners are more efficient than Fans because many manufacturers now factor the depletion of the ozone layer into the making of air conditioners. Most of them have switched to the R-410A- a new refrigerant that uses less energy compared to those that you would find in those air conditioning systems about a decade back.

Conversely, the natural thought on the mind of many is that ceiling fans help to save energy because of the low-watt motors that are inputted into them. The irony of it is that new model ceiling fans use high RPMs and CFM’s in other to make your personal space feel comfortable.

In effect, it means that most of the ceiling fans that you would find around now take up more energy costs than the typical fans that you know about

How Many Fans Equals One Air Conditioner?

Nine Fans equal One Air Conditioner on average. 

According to a recent analysis about the energy-saving capacity of fans in comparison to air conditioners, it has been deduced that a single air conditioner consumes no less than 900 watts of electricity per hour.

While a typical fan consumes only 100 watts per hour, this means that it would cost nine ceiling fans to attain the cold level of one air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Vs Fan- Electricity Usage

Is it cheaper to use fans or air conditioning?

Generally, Fans are much cheaper than Air Conditioning. The truth is that air conditioners have an energy consumption that is way higher than a fan. However, this energy consumption rate varies from one air conditioning model to the other.

On the other hand, ceiling fans use less energy to regulate the central cooling of your private space. On this basis, one can conclude that it is cheaper to run fans than air conditioners. Still, when considering the air quality that both coolers emit, the temperate air from an air conditioner is a core reason to consider air conditioners above ceiling fans.

Operational Costs of Ceiling Fans and Air Conditioners

Also, while operating a ceiling fan for a very long time, you realize that it costs less to maintain them. For instance, a typical ceiling fan takes about one penny an hour to run at the highest speed. Leaving such fan oscillating at the highest speed on a 24 hours basis would have you spending only $5 a month. This could be lesser if you run the fan at medium speed.

Should I Run the Air Conditioner for 24 hours?

A survey on the costs of energy consumption by homes in California during summer concluded that homes that run an air conditioner on a 24-hour basis are more likely to pay a minimum of $400 for its usage at the end of the month.

Should the Fan be On When the Air Conditioner is On?

Yes, it is a good idea to have both the Fan and Air Conditioning on at the same time. When you use an air conditioner, a ceiling fan will help you raise its thermostat setting to about 4 degrees Fahrenheit without reducing your chances of being comfortable.

The ability to use your air conditioner and your fan without it adding up excessive numbers to your monthly cooling bill depends on the usage of both fittings and their regulation.

Ceiling Fan vs AC Health: Which is Healthier? Fan or Air Conditioner? 

What are the impacts of Ceiling Fans and Air Conditioner on Health?

It is commonly said that for everything that has an advantage, there is a disadvantage. Concerning the debate on fans vs Ac, there are numerous health hazards attributed to the two cooling systems.

For the use of air conditioners, many people do not know that there might be long-term complications that are affiliated with its use.

A survey on air conditioners used during summertime has unveiled that people who make use of air conditioners daily are likely to fall at risk of allergies on their mucous membrane, which makes them cough sneeze at intervals.

It is also worthy of mention that our skin is wired to handle the heat and hot environments in so far as we have access to water. Still, we are more likely to lose the ability to handle the heat when we spend the bulk of our lives inhaling the cooled air emitted from an air conditioning system.

On the other hand, the health hazards that are affiliated with the use of ceiling fans involve mainly the inability of homeowners to clean the specks of dust over the fan’s blades. This is what leads to the breeding of dust mites which we as humans are naturally allergic to.

The regular cleaning of your fan would help alleviate the hazards attributed to the build-up of dust mites.

Fan or Air Conditioners For Babies or New Born? 

Many parents have worried so much about the impact of fans or air conditioners on their newborn babies.

Health experts have iterated over time that a well-ventilated room is ideal for preventing a child from suffering from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which has increased the mortality rate of children worldwide.

It is safe to use ceiling fans or air conditioners in a room where you have your baby, but it is best to ensure that you take proper precautions while inputting the cooling systems into the room.

The first and major step that any parent should take is to dress their babies right. Babies have very sensitive skins, and when they are exposed to an inappropriate temperature, it might adversely affect their health.

Parents should also regulate their cooling systems in tune with the temperature of the outer parts of their homes.

Typically, between 23 to 27 degrees Celsius is apt when using an air conditioner in a room where your baby is.

Can Fans Cause Cold in Babies? 

No, fans don’t cause colds in babies. The movement of air from a ceiling fan wouldn’t make a child sick. However, in most instances, it is always better for the parents of such a child to look out for the regulation of the fan at a medium oscillation rate.

This is because a baby’s health wouldn’t condone the humidity rate that adults would condone; the parents of a child also have to look out for the regulation of the ceiling fan so that it doesn’t make the child sick.

Is Air Cooler for Babies Good or Bad?

Yes, air coolers for babies are good because they ensure that the room is well ventilated, and this can help prevent the child from ailments that lead to infant mortality.

Parents must understand the best way to regulate the air cooler when they have their child in the room.

It is also advised that parents kit up their babies so that they wouldn’t be adversely affected by the ventilation level in the room.


There is no doubting the fact that air conditioners and ceiling fans both have their importance.

Most home and office owners prefer the use of the air conditioner because of its cooling effect and its ability to make a personal space cool uniformly.

Should in case you are still in a dilemma about which of these cooling mediums is best for your home or office space. It might interest you to know that using the fan and air conditioner in a regulated condition could help not only make your personal space cool but also checkmate the high costs for energy consumption.

Whatever preference you have between ceiling fans and air conditioners, the above-listed points would enlighten your mind about the best option for your personal space.

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