Best Ceiling Fans For Kitchens – Chef Approved

Some people do not consider ceiling fans for kitchens as necessary, but if you live in a warmer climate or you just do not enjoy how stuffy it gets when you cook, you should consider getting one.

Ceiling fans generally improve airflow, get rid of strong smells, and can even help keep away bugs. All of these things will make your kitchen pleasant to be in.

Whatever ceiling fan you pick must do the job you require it to do and do it well. There are many options out there that will match your needs.

This article will serve as a guideline to help you choose the best one for your style, space, and needs.

Westinghouse Lighting Turbo Swirl Indoor Ceiling Fan

Best Compact Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Star Rating: 4.6

The Westinghouse Lighting Turbo Swirl ceiling fan comes packed with a LED light bulb, six 30-inch blades, and so many other great features. The size of the fan blades means that it will effectively move air around in small rooms (such as your kitchen) of up to 100 square feet.  This fan will cool down your kitchen space while remaining energy efficient.

As you can expect from all ceiling fans from the Westinghouse brand, this model is equipped with a strong quality motor that delivers good air movement while still being quiet. You will also get with this fan, a reversible blade function, dimmable light fixture, and a beautiful, modern look for your kitchen. This fan will be installed in a downrod mount.

Finally, this is a fan for everybody regardless of your style. This is because it Comes in three different finishings to match your style; brushed aluminum, antique brass, and white.

  • There is a lifetime warranty on the motor and a two-year warranty on all the other parts.
  • It is compact and lightweight at only 12 pounds.
  • It comes with a light kit, mounting hardware, and an instruction manual.
  • It is very quiet.
  • It does not come with a remote control.
  • You might need a professional to install it.

36″ Retractable Modern Ceiling Fan

Best Modern Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Star Rating: 4.5

This ceiling fan has firmly set its place in the modern category. It has three fully automatic retractable blades, a beautiful finish, a silent motor, and a color-changing LED fan light. It does a great job of cooling down a small space and is one of the best ceiling fans for kitchens.

In addition, the ceiling fan is an absolute space saver with its retractable blades that automatically go in when not in use, and stretch out when turned on. When in use, a fan blade will measure about 36 inches, and measure a mere 16 inches when it is turned off. This feature is cool and can easily be a conversation piece for you and your guests.

Again, this model of modern ceiling fans also has a LED light feature with 27-watt panels. The light is nice and bright and even changes color temperatures. You can choose color temperature from 3000K (Warm White) to 4500K (Neutral white) and end with 6000K (Cool White)

Furthermore, the ceiling fan comes with a multi-function remote control. With the remote control, you can easily switch the three-speed fan between low, medium, and high. Besides, with the same remote control, you can choose from the 3 light color variations (Warm White, Neutral White, and Cool White) and 4 timing options (1/2/4/8H) sleep shutdown.

The fan comes with the downrod mount option.

  • Lifetime warranty on the ceiling fan motor and a 1-year warranty on other parts of the fan.
  • It comes with remote control.
  • The blades are retractable.
  • It is very chic and comes in three finishings; black, brushed nickel, and gold.
  • It is quiet.
  • The bright lights cannot be dimmed.
  • It is not easy to install, you might need a professional.
  • The remote control does not come with batteries.

Honeywell Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Best Contemporary Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Star Rating: 4.6

This is another contemporary-looking ceiling fan. The Honeywell Contemporary ceiling fan is one of the best ceiling fans for kitchens. Right out of the box, the features include a reversible motor, reversible blades, LED lights, dual finish blades, and so on. 

It may be small, but this fan moves a good amount of air. It is the perfect size for your kitchen, bedroom, living rooms, and other small spaces.

Give your kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom a modern look with this fan. The motor makes it a three-speed fan, and you can choose between downdraft mode and updraft mode to control the temperature of your space.

The three blades of the fan also come with different finishes on each side. You can choose between a light oak finish on one side or a satin nickel finish on the other side. It is up to you to choose what you like and what best suits your space.

Again, the two LED lights that are come with your purchase are dimmable up to 20%, so you can save energy when you need to.

The fan can be mounted in two ways: downrod mount and angled mount.

  • It takes only 45-60 minutes to install.
  • The fan can is reversible in many ways to suit the style of your room.
  • It is lightweight at 12 pounds.
  • It is not very quiet.

Prominence Home Ceiling Fan

Best Low-profile Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Star Rating: 4.6

This next ceiling fan features a low-profile design and was specifically designed with small to medium-sized rooms in mind. It will work well in rooms of up to 350 square feet; your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living rooms.

This Prominence kitchen ceiling fan’s motor is amazingly quiet, is reversible, and is three-speed.  This means that it may be used in the winter to help circulate warm air and save money on electricity. The motor is designed to be installed on a flush mount system.

Other features of the fan include ceiling fan blades with two sides, in different finishes that can be reversed to match your style, a pull chain for quick and simple on/off switch, and a frosted opal globe LED light.

This fan does not come with a remote control in the pack, but it works well with universal ceiling fan remote controllers.

  • Reversible blades
  • Includes a light fixture and light bulbs.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It is quiet.
  • Easy to install.
  • No remote control included.
  • The LED light bulbs are not very bright.

Prominence Home Marshall Ceiling Fan

Highest Rated Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Star Rating: 4.8

The Prominence Home Marshall ceiling fan is a stylish way for you to brighten up and elevate your space. This 52-inch ceiling fan is ideal for medium to big spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, dens, and more!

The fan’s sophisticated Edison light bulbs, pewter finish, and stunning textures make for a very nice addition to any living space. The light bulbs add style to their beautiful cage and are also dimmable up to 10%. This way, you can adjust the brightness to your needs and moods. This ceiling fan produces 450 lumens at 4.5 watts and has a color temperature of 2700K.

This model also features pull chains for quick and easy on and off adjustments. Although the can does not come with remote control, it is compatible with universal ceiling fan remote controls.

This kitchen ceiling fan can be hung in multiple ways and positions. Where extra walk-through room is necessary, it can be hung low profile, it can be hung in a standard way with a 4” downrod (included) or on angled ceilings (angle bracket sold separately).

This fan also gives you the option of two different blade colors in the same package. The blades of this fan are reversible, such that if you ever want to try a new look for your space, all you need to do is turn over your fan blades. You have the choice between a gray oak finish on one side and a chestnut finish on the reverse.

  • It has beautiful reversible blade colors to choose from.
  • The ceiling fan can be hung in three different ways (closemount, downrod, angled).
  • It comes with a light kit
  • It comes with beautiful Edison bulbs that are dimmable.
  • Easy to install.
  • The remote control is sold separately.

Black Rustic Ceiling Fan with Light

Kitchen Ceiling Fan with Best Design

Star Rating: 4.7

This ceiling fan comes in a more rustic style. The Hall of Lamp fan model houses its 4 light bulbs in a metal cage that gives its a nice industrial look and feel. Overall, this is a really great fan that also serves as a great design piece.

The fan has three fan blades that retract when the fan is not in use and automatically fan out when it is turned on. These retractable blades add to its already artistic look and help it save space. The fan comes with two downrods (a 4-inch and a 10-inch) right out of the box, so you have options for a low ceiling area.

It also comes with a remote control so that you can easily adjust the fan speed (high, middle, and low) and adjust the lamp as well.

  • The fan blade is rather silent.
  • It comes with remote control for the lamp and fan.
  • It comes with two downrods, giving you installation options.
  • It does not come with light bulbs.
  • It is not easy to install; you need a professional.

Ovlaim Wood Ceiling Fan with Light

Best Noiseless Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Star Rating: 4.3

This Ovlaim ceiling fan has a modern, contemporary look, and it can do many things. The fan comes with a LED light kit of 1050 lumens, 22 watts. The LED color can be adjusted via the remote control from warm white to cool white or full light. With this, you will be getting a brightly lit room.

The fan features a DC motor that is noiseless, has six speeds, and is reversible so you can use it in the winter. The DC motor feature means that the fan is more energy-efficient than regular fans. The 48 inches 4 wood blades do a good job of moving air around while remaining quiet.

  • The LED lighting kit is good (at 1050 lumens).
  • It comes with two down rods.
  • The remote control separately controls the lights, the fan speed, and can time the fan.
  • The ceiling fan can be installed on an angled ceiling with a maximum slope of 20 degrees.
  • The bright lights cannot be dimmed.
  • The lowest speed on this fan is not very low.

Sofucor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Kitchen Ceiling Fan with Best Finish

Star Rating: 4.4

The Sofucor Low Profile ceiling fan is one pleasant-looking fan. The blades of this fan are made from beautifully carved wood, giving it a  modern plus rustic look. The blades are finished in oil-rubbed bronze with a walnut finish that elevates your space.

It features a silicon steel reversible DC motor that delivers powerful air circulation, is energy efficient, and will serve well in the winter months. The low profile ceiling fan has a ceiling to bottom of fan housing height of 10.24″. The fan includes a short 6-inch downrod and a 10-inch downrod.

Its flush mount ceiling fan blades feature a 60″ span / 13° blade pitch. This fan model gives you the option of purchasing it with or without a light fixture.

  • It will give your space a very modern look and feel.
  • It includes a 6-speed hand-held remote control.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is quiet.
  • If you get the fan with the light fixture, the bulb is not very bright and cannot serve as a reliable source of light.

Indoor Bronze Ceiling Fan with Dimmable Light Kit

Best Reversible Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Star Rating: 4.6

This ceiling fan is designed in a style that will give your kitchen space a farmhouse and industrial feel. It looks stylish with its oiled bronze finish blades and comes with a motor that is powerful enough to deliver a strong breeze into your space. The motor is reversible, you can change the direction of the fan from downdraft mode to updraft mode. This comes in really handy during wintertime when you need warmer air.

It also comes with a remote to adjust light settings, and to change the speed of your fan. This fan can be installed on the regular ceiling or sloped ceiling.

  • Includes downrod and LED bulbs.
  • Includes remote and 3 speed adjustable controls.
  • It can be mounted as a flushmount or downrod.
  • It comes with a lifetime motor warranty.
  • The blades are reversible.
  • The light does not dim very well.
  • It is not very quiet.

Westinghouse Lighting Mahagony Ceiling Fan

Best Value Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Star Rating: 4.5

This ceiling fan will add a distinctive and vibrant point of focus to any living space. It has a maple/mahogany finish that will look good anywhere. The Westinghouse Lighting product also features three spotlights that do a good job of illuminating any room. This ceiling fan is suitable for rooms of up to 144 square feet.

It features a strong 153-millimeter by 15-millimeter silicon steel motor with a triple capacitor that aids its 44-inch, five-blade to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

This ceiling fan can move up to 4,381 cubic feet of air per minute (cfm). It’s certified to run at 65 watts at high speed (without lights), giving it a 67 cfm per watt airflow efficiency rating. (For contrast, at high speed, 36-inch to 48-inch ceiling fans have airflow efficiency ranging from 71 to 86 cfm per watt.)

  • You enjoy year-round usage with the reversible motor.
  • Includes 78-inch lead wire, 3/4-inch by 4-inch down rod, and three GU10 50-watt MR16 halogen bulbs out of the box.
  • You get a lifetime motor warranty and two-year warranty on all other parts.
  • The halogen bulbs very hot.
  • It does not come with a remote out of the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ceiling fans in kitchens outdated?

Not quite. Ceiling fans are generally not very popular anymore, but they are still very effective in keeping spaces cool, improving airflow, and even beautifying a room. If your kitchen really needs a ceiling fan, then you should go ahead and get one.

There are ceiling fans out there that not only serve as a source of cool breeze for your stuffy areas, they can also serve as light sources and design pieces.

There are many options out there to help you keep your space looking stylish and modern. Use this guide to find something that works for you.

Is it a good idea to put a ceiling fan in a kitchen?

If you are worried about safety, then you should take into consideration the height of your ceilings. Make sure the blades won’t get in the way of any overhanging cabinets or light fixtures. Also double-check that your overhead cabinets won’t collide with the blades when they’re opened.

If you suffer stuffy air in your kitchen, or odors just won’t go away, then yes, it is a good idea to get a ceiling fan for your kitchen. It will help you feel more comfortable in the kitchen and it will look good.

What size bulb ceiling fan should I choose?

If the light fixture in your ceiling fan is going to be the only, or major source of light in your kitchen, then you should look out for a fan with a good bulb size.

Most ceiling fans come with LED lights, which are good. They are better than incandescent or CFL bulbs. They last longer and are more energy-efficient.

You also want to look out for a bulb with a high lumen output (800 and above) to ensure that the bulb provides enough light to properly illuminate the kitchen. Anything less than that, will not be bright enough to light up a whole room.

What size ceiling fan does your kitchen need?

To know what ceiling fan size will be best for your kitchen, you first have to measure the space. Ceiling fan blades come in a range of sizes, from 18-inch blades to 68-inch blades. You need to choose the right ceiling fan size so it does not look awkward, and you can make the most of it.

Kitchen fans will typically be smaller than fans for big living rooms, for example. You will also consider the height of your ceiling. If you have a tall ceiling, you will need a fan that is suspended far from the ceiling with a downrod. If your ceiling is low, then you should consider using low-profile ceiling fans. These types of ceiling fans stay closer to the ceiling.


Kitchen ceiling fans help to cool the home, making them quite important in terms of making your guests feel more comfortable and calm. The house heating and cooling benefits, the circulation of stagnant indoor air, the elimination of cooking aromas from the kitchen and dining area, and the prevention of bugs from the kitchen area are just a few of the major advantages.

They are an energy-efficient and cost-effective way of cooling your space. Some models have interesting features like reversible blades for a better-looking space, and reversible motors so that you can use them during winter as well.

If you feel like your kitchen needs a ceiling fan, then you should get one.

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