5 Best Ceiling Fans With Bright Lights

Are you looking to elevate the style and vibrancy of your interiors? 

But don’t want to hit hard on your budget.

One way to achieve this is by choosing a dual-purpose fan. The ceiling fans with bright lights are the best option to add high energy levels and a cool breeze to your rooms. In one purchase you get two benefits.

Ceiling fans are often overlooked while deciding the decor of a room. But if chosen wisely, the overhead fans with lights are capable of adding a distinct beauty to your homes and offices.

After scouring the internet, we have come up with the list of best ceiling fans with bright lights. To prepare this gist we’ve taken care that the ceiling fans listed here fit your needs, style, and budget.

Best Ceiling Fans With Bright Lights

HUNTER 52152 Crestfield Ceiling Fan

The traditional Hunter Crestfield fan is our Best Overall Ceiling Fan with Lights.

It consists of LED lights in a clear glass that keeps your home inspired. With 42” inch 5 reversible blades, this fan is a perfect fit for people who need two styles at the price of one. One side is fresh white to blend with your white furnishes and the other side has a wooden texture to match your wooden fixtures.

The Hunter fan includes a Whisperwind motor which makes it whisper quiet and wobble-free. Yet, it provides you with ultra-power airflow in your rooms. The fan itself is 3-speed with a reversible motor. This means that you can enjoy a cool breeze in summers and warm airflow in winters.

The LED lights are dimmable and add a soothing effect to your ambiance. You can control the light and fan speeds using pull chains. Along with this you also have an option to adapt it to a remote (sold separately).  

The flush mount makes it ideal for low ceilings less than 9” feet. 

As this fan is one of the best and brightest fans at a low price with high quality, we could not resist having it on our list. The excellent customer service from the Hunter brand makes the purchase even more secure.

Another big advantage of buying this fan is you get energy-efficient bulbs. So you get to save some money on your power bills.

5 stars out of 5

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 51477-01 Kaliza Ceiling Fan

The bold and beautiful modern Honeywell Kaliza Fan is the Best Brightest Ceiling Fan for Large Rooms.

With large 56” inch 6 blades, it’s a perfect choice for large bedrooms, living rooms, offices, playrooms, and much more. The bright integrated LED light globe elevates the overall aesthetic of your room. Lights are dimmable and include a 4” LED AC board.

You can control the fan speed and dim the lights from anywhere in your room using a remote control. This fan is also compatible with Google Home and Alexa, but you need to buy a bond home to use the feature (sold separately). So, this fan is modern not only in looks but also in features.

Having reversible blades you get two finishes at the price of one. One side is white and the other is a gray wash. You can choose the side you need according to your room decor.

You also get a free wall dock for your remote to ensure you don’t lose it all the time. 

It’s simple to install in less than an hour. The motor is reversible to aid you in both summers and winters. Even though it has huge power to keep the air flowing in a large room, it’s quiet and sturdy.

The only thing you need to be cautious about is the Honeywell Kaliza fan is not suitable for low profile rooms. 

As the Honeywell Kaliza ceiling fan is affordable, ravishing, modern it can enhance your rooms to an altogether next level. Then how could we miss this one on our list?

Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control, 52 Inch

With a sleek and modern appeal, the Warmiplanet Fan is the Best Value for Money Ceiling Fan with Lights.

It has a distinct nickel brush motor and stylish two-sided blades in white or silver color. So, you get two different trendy looks to choose from.

What makes this fan fabulous is the efficient, long-lasting integrated LED light kit. It’s designed to brighten up mid to large size rooms. Instead of dimmable lights, you get 3 different color temperatures.

Most buyers say the 3 different light alternatives give 3 different looks to their rooms. You get to choose one from cool white, warm white, and natural light.

You can manage the light settings and fan speed using a remote control. An outstanding feature is the sleep timer setting which is not available in most fans. You can set the sleep timer using the remote.

Closemount, downrod, and angle mounts make it a perfect choice for any type of ceilings in your home. You can reverse the airflow according to your needs based on different seasons. Also, the motor is noiseless to provide you a calm and cool environment to work or rest with no disturbance.

The main reason the Warmiplanet fan has made its place on our list is its sleek look and durable bright lights.

Some customers feel it’s a bit annoying since the default setting is of the brightest light when it’s turned on. But they also opine that it’s easy to overlook this constraint for the value it provides at such an affordable price.

4.6 stars out of 5

Prominence Home 51461-01 Orbis Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home Orbis Ceiling Fan is the Best Ceiling Fan with a Unique Bright Light.

With a captivating modern LED light ring you can uplift the aesthetic of your room. If you hate to deal with glass sconces light fixtures then this is the best fan with lights for you. The light is dimmable from 100% to 10%. You get to decide whether you want to illuminate your rooms or you want to rest in the soothing faint light.

Having 52″ inch long reversible blades, this fan can give you two distinct looks. One side has a modern matte black finish and the other side has a zebra wood texture.

The reversible motor helps to comfort you all around the year. Creating a quiet environment with pin-drop silence makes it an ideal choice for any type of study room or bedroom.

What makes it distinct is its walk-away delay and safe home feature. You can control all the facets using a remote control. You also get a free wall dock for the remote along with one set of batteries.

You can hang this Prominence fan in sloped ceilings using an angled position. But you need to buy angle brackets separately. The fan kit also includes a 6” downrod to help you hang it in a standard position.

Since the light ring makes it unique we had to include this ceiling fan on our list. Also, its reasonable price makes it a top candidate on our list.

4.5 stars out of 5

Hunter Dempsey Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Dempsey ceiling fan is the Best Brightest Ceiling Fan for Low Profile Rooms.

It’s ultra white finish adds a zing and freshness to your interiors. With a contemporary design, it makes a great option to create calm and a serene environment in your homes.

The custom design with integrated LED lights and a white globe uplifts the visual appeal of your spaces. The Hunter Dempsey adds a flavor of easy sophistication and warmth to your rooms. 

Like any other Hunter fan, this fan also includes their trademarked Whisperwind motor which is powerful yet quiet. The fan has particular specs to fit your needs for small to midsize rooms with low ceilings. This is the best fit for your playrooms, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

You receive dimmable lights with energy-efficient bulbs. You can control the lights and fan speed using a remote control.  

With reversible blades, you get 2 different textures. So, that helps you to get a little change in your room whenever you need it. Having a flush mount makes it a perfect fit for low profile ceilings.

It’s easy to install even if you are handling it alone.

Because of its slick and natty design, we couldn’t stop ourselves from including this fan in our list. It’s a quintessential fan with great features and low price.

How To Choose The Perfect Ceiling Fan with Bright Lights?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a ceiling fan with lights. Let’s now understand what are vital features you need to look for to make a wise buying decision.

What Are The Fan Lamp Types?

While deciding on light fixtures in a ceiling fan, you must consider what types of lamps or bulbs are integrated. You need to know this to make sure you save money on your power bills and get durable lights. Fluorescent, Halogen, Incandescent, and LED are types of lamps available in the market. Let’s see a quick comparison between them.

Fluorescent vs. Halogen Lamp Types

Which Has The Better Efficiency?

A halogen lamp has an efficiency of around 3% while a fluorescent lamp has anywhere between 10% and 15%. To produce the same amount of light, halogen lamps would consume three to five times more power than fluorescent lamps.

Which One Has Better Life-span?

You do not need to change fluorescent bulbs frequently as they have a long lifespan of 6000 to 15000 hours. On the other hand, halogen bulbs have a maximum of 3000 hours of life rendering them to be nondurable.

What Are The Heat Emissions?

Halogen consumes more power and thus it produces more heat. Due to this reason, having a fan with halogen bulbs makes no sense. Fluorescent light fixtures emit far less heat.

Which Lamp Types Has Better Dimming?

Halogen lights are easy to dim whereas fluorescent ones are not. You need to add an extra dimmer to make fluorescent lights dim. This adds up to the cost.

How Much Do They Cost Cost?

Halogen bulbs are cheap. Yet, fluorescent lights are recommended as their benefits outweigh the cost. 

Now, you can make a clear distinction why most people prefer fluorescent lamps over halogen.

Incandescent vs. LED

Which Has The Better Efficiency?

LEDs are 20 to 80% more power-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. An incandescent bulb takes up to 8 times more power to produce the same amount of light as an LED.

Which One Has Better Life-span?

An average LED bulb has the durability of 30000 to 50000 hours whereas incandescent lamps can only stand for 1000 to 2000 hours of life. Having an enormous difference in life expectancy, LED is 25 times more durable than the incandescent one. 

What Are The Heat Emissions?

Incandescent emits far more heat than LED due to its high power consumption. What takes more power emits more heat.

Which Lamp Types Has Better Dimming?

Incandescent lamps are easy to dim but LED’s can also be adapted to dim with some extra cost.

How Much Do They Cost Cost?

LED’s are modern lamps that are a little bit expensive but their high life expectancy beats all its competitors.

By now, if you compare all 4 types of lamps together you can make a seamless decision. With very high durability and efficiency LED tops above any other lamp type for your homes and offices. For this reason, all fans listed above by us include LED lights.

Energy Efficient vs. Energy Star Qualified

Another critical factor to consider while buying a ceiling fan with light is to check whether it has an Energy Star label. 

Energy Star is a government-backed trusted certificate for electronic products to indicate that they are environment-friendly and efficient.

When you choose an electronic product that is Energy Star Qualified you are assured that it saves your money on electricity, uses less power, and also helps to protect the environment with no toxic emissions.

Often, many companies tout their products to be energy efficient. But you cannot rely on their claims until you are sure. With the Energy Star label, you get confidence that the electronic fixture you are buying is efficient as it has already passed all the rigorous tests stated by the government.

Is Your Fan Listed?

Let’s now understand, what does listed mean?

This listing is about the safety of the product. 

There are 2 certificates available for electronic products to showcase that they are safe according to the highest standards. 

One is from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) which is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. Another is from Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL), currently a part of Intertek Testing Laboratories.

Both these UL and ETL labels on your ceiling fans and lights ensure that the products are safe. There is no difference in these labels apart from the body that performs the checks.

Fan Style 

Now, let’s awaken the artist in us to choose the right style for your fan. 

Contemporary and Modern

Many people think modern and contemporary are the same. But, that’s not the case when it comes to design or decor.

Although both contemporary and modern have a minimal esthetic look, they are different. Modern fans are sleek, bold yet simple. They refer to designs from the 1800s till the end of the 20th century.

Contemporary design is inspired by current and future eras.

Lighting design in modern fans is artsy and big whereas contemporary lights are task-related.

In our list, Prominence Home 51461-01 Orbis Ceiling Fan is the best contemporary fan.

And the best modern design fan is Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control, 52 Inch

Traditional and Victorian

Victorian fans are fancy with quintessential ornate details on the motor and blade holders.

Although they look nice and pretty with intricate details they are expensive and do not fit all types of rooms. If you want to buy a Victorian ceiling fan with light, we would recommend it to you to ensure it’s not heavy. 

On the other hand, traditional fans are what fans have been appearing in for the past 100 years. What you consider a traditional ceiling fan is up to your interpretation. Everyone looks at this style differently but there are some peculiar characteristics.

A traditional fan usually consists of 4-5 blades with a simple non-descript body style and the ability to add one or more light fixtures. They may sound boring, but they are not when you see them.

For instance, HUNTER 52152 Crestfield Ceiling Fan is a traditional yet stylish fan for any room in your house or office. The best thing is that it blends with any style or decor.

Rustic and Industrial

Rustic fans are perfect for homes inclined towards farmhouse design. They fit well with decors that are more rugged, woody, and natural.

There is no rustic fan on our list but if you try HUNTER 52152 Crestfield Ceiling Fan with its reverse blade it can add an excellent farmhouse gleam to your homes.

Industrial-style ceiling fans are an innovative style that does not fit all homes. They give a rough yet different industrial look to your homes. Most of the time they include caged lights which make them attractive for experimenting homes. 

Make Your Fan Future Proof

Most fans come with remote controls that help to operate the fan and its light fixtures from any location within your room. Although this feature is comforting you need to give a thought to whether your fan will work if your remote stops working.

There are many ceiling fans you cannot manage until you have a remote for them. While deciding on a ceiling fan check if your fan can work by any other means apart from remote. 

Also, do not fail to check if you have an alternative to buying another remote of the same kind and what is its price? This helps to future proof your fan without any hassles.

Fan speeds and light ranging options are other important factors to think about. The fan speed should be adjustable. All the speeds ranging from fastest to slowest should be available. Low-quality fans often do not include a moderate option rendering them to no use. Lights ranging from most dim to most bright should be easy to set.

As we do not buy ceiling fans every other day, choose them wisely for a long time.


Now you know all the best ceiling fans with bright lights. Hopefully, our buying guide helps you to make an informed decision to buy the best ceiling fan for your needs. Buying a ceiling fan with light fixtures not only adds style but also helps to save some money.  

In our recommendation, the Hunter Crestfield fan is the Best Overall Ceiling Fan with Lights. It is the best choice for any small to midsize room.

But if your room is large we would recommend you our Runner Up for the list which is Honeywell Ceiling Fans 51477-01 Kaliza Ceiling Fan.

Let us know which ceiling fan with lights you loved most on our list. 

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