6 Best Ceiling Fans For Girls Room in 2024

Planning to spruce up your kid’s room?

And now you are looking for some fun and innovative ideas that they’ll love. How about changing the ceiling fan? 

Sounds interesting, right?

You can now choose one from a lot of exclusive designed boy and girl ceiling fans. Let’s explore the best ceiling fans to make your girl’s room look pretty, fun, and unique.

Best Girls Room Ceiling Fans

Prominence Home Elsa 48″ Pink Ceiling Fan

The shabby chic-styled Elsa fan from Prominence Home makes an ideal choice for a girl who loves pink. It is the best-overall affordable fan to give a unique look to your girl’s personal space.

The fan includes reversible 5 blades offering you a choice to have two different looks at the cost of one. One side is dusty rose-patterned with light pink, ideal for little preschooler girls. The other side is plain blush pink color which makes it a perfect fit for girls of any age.

An added attraction is the elegant chandelier in the center with 3 LED lights. The lights are dimmable with different fabric shades of pink. The light effects make your room look soft and comfortable.  

The only downside of this fan is, it’s controlled by pull chains and not a remote control.

Disney Princesses Castle Fan 

Is your little girl obsessed with Disney Princesses?

Then Disney Princesses Castle Fan is the best choice for you. The Princesses Fan is the best budget option for a girl’s room. This glass-made fan has a nice-looking white snowy finish.

Handcrafted with a charming portrait of Disney princesses on one side of the 3 blades. And the other side being plain white gives a choice to your little girl to decide when she’s too old to stop looking at Disney characters.

It has an alluring schoolhouse globe light in the center. You can control the light using strings. Although the bulb is not included in the purchase, it still makes an inexpensive option.

The self-aligning blades ensure you do not get disturbed by a wobble sound in your room. Additionally, you get a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring you are in safe hands. 

HUNTER 51850 Valda Indoor Ceiling Fan

The 36″ fan from the Valda collection of Hunter Brand is the best high-speed cooling fan with Superspeed technology.

With a modern touch and a bit of color pop, it can elevate your girl’s room to make it look cozy and trendy. You get 3 options of playful colors to choose from Blush Pink, Indigo, and Dove Grey.

Because of its energy-efficient dimmable LED light bulbs, you can save some money on your power bills. The durability of high-tech bulbs is far more than conventional bulbs. It’s quiet at low speeds but you may feel it a bit noisy at peak speed.

You get a handheld remote to control the speed of the fan and light settings from any corner of your room. It’s an optimal choice for a kid’s playroom, bedroom, nursery, or hobby room. 

AireRyder FN44322W Downrod Mount

AireRyder FN44322W Downrod Mount is the best quiet ceiling fan for any girl’s room. This beautiful garden-themed fan can uplift the look of any girl’s room.

Its elegant butterfly pull strings and butterfly holders can complement any cute theme. You get a fluorescent white globe in the center which enhances the look of the room even more.

Having reversible blades, you get 2 cute looks to choose from. If you are looking for a fan that circulates a cool breeze with no disturbance at all, then you should buy this fan. You will never complain about any wobble sound.

Although you receive the light kit, it is not enough to lighten up your entire room. Many customers feel the blades are a bit shorter compared to normal ceiling fans. But after trying the fan they agree that it does a great job of cooling small to mid-sized rooms.

Hunter Fan Company 50263 Cranbrook Ceiling Fan

Inspired by a sleek and modern design, the Cranbrook ceiling fan gives your girl’s room a unique aesthetic feel. This is the best versatile fan that perfectly blends in your rooms having wooden fixtures.

Moreover, this popular Hunter brand fan gives you a choice of wonderful 8 colors. As it is a huge enough fan with 52″ long blades you can opt for this one in your large rooms. It includes WhisperWind Technology that makes the air movement smooth and creates a quiet environment.

You’ll get a center lighting kit with dimmable bulbs. With remote control, you can control the speed and light from any corner of your room. Even though you get reversible blades, you may not see much difference.

What makes it even better for you is its style fits all the girls, from toddlers to teens.

Alex Children’s 44 inch Girl’s Pink Polka Dot and White Ceiling Fan

The Alex Children Fan is a quintessential pink ceiling fan with white polka dots that makes perfect use for a girl’s ceiling fan. This cute-looking fan is also available in yellow and blue colors.  

It has a beautiful white snowy bulb in the center. This ceiling fan includes integrated dimmable LED lights, a powerful and silent motor. The blades are reversible so you get to choose the design or solid color for the fan.

You can control the light and speed settings of the ceiling fan using pull chains. But, you can also adapt it to a remote control which is sold separately. Since it’s large enough you can install it in mid to large-sized playrooms, bedrooms for girls.

Decorate Your Current Ceiling Fan

Are you on a tight budget and want to avoid buying a brand new fan?

Don’t worry. You still have plenty of products to choose from to redecorate your kid’s room ceiling fan. Let’s now explore some fun ideas to give an instant makeover to your girl’s current ceiling fan.

Fan Word Decals:

The word decals are stickers with inspiring words. With these stickers on your girl’s ceiling fan, she is sure to get motivated to chase her dreams. These vinyl stickers are also easy to remove leaving no stains behind. 

Fan Blade Designs Clouds

Sit and watch the calm clouds pass by with these fan covers from the brand Fan Blade Designs. These covers are made of high-quality, lightweight polyester material. These are easy to wash and use.

Blade Cover Decoration Brown Giraffe

With a giraffe printed polyester fan blade cover, you are sure to surprise your little toddler girls. These blade covers are easy to install and wash. Moreover, the animal print gives a unique flair to your girl’s room.

Fan Blade Designs Zebra

Like the giraffe print, you can also opt for a zebra print fan blade cover. Using these blade covers you can keep changing the look of your room every season. 

How to choose a perfect girl’s fan?

Pick the correct size

Ceiling fans are available in various sizes. Yet, ceiling fans are not one-size-fits-all fixtures. So, it becomes important that you check the size of the fan that best suits your room before your big purchase. Here are quick recommendations for your ceiling fan diameter based on room size.

  • Less than 80 square feet: 36 inches or less
  • 80 to 150 square feet: 36-42 inches
  • 150 to 250 square feet: 42-52 inches
  • 250 square feet or more: 52 inches or more

Another factor to consider while buying ceiling fans is ceiling height. Many fans have multiple mounting options that make them ideal for any room height.

Common Mounting Options:

Flush-mount: This is intended to be used for low ceiling rooms – less than 8 feet. Disney Princesses Castle Fan is the best hugger fan for any low-profile room.

Downrod: This mounting option can be adjusted to any room with high ceilings – more than 8 feet. Do check the downrod length before buying the fan. You can check the ideal downrod length required for your rooms here.

Downrod Length for Ceiling Height
Source: https://www.lowes.com/n/buying-guide/ceiling-fan-buying-guide

Do you need the lighting?

Girls love bright rooms. 

But the overhead light may be disturbing to them at times. To solve this problem, you can always chop off the light kits from most of the fans.

If you have small rooms, the story is completely different. Since the space is limited you may have to choose between an overhead lamp and a ceiling fan. In this case, you must select the fans with illuminating bright lights. The Hunter fans do a better job when it comes to providing energy-efficient bright lights.

What’s her favorite color?

When it comes to decorating a girl’s room, you need to know what she likes and what she doesn’t. After all, she is the one who is going to spend most of her time in that room. 

If the girl is very young to decide on this, you can simply opt for bright colors like pink or yellow. Decide on a color that is soothing to the eyes and fun so that your little girl finds her room cozy enough to relax and have a good time.

What is she interested in?

This again comes back to knowing what she likes and what she hates. If she likes Disney Princesses your clear choice can be Disney Princesses Castle Fan.

If she’s a teenager, she’ll definitely like trendy fans like the Hunter Fan Company 50263 Cranbrook Ceiling Fan. If she’s creative and loves art she’ll love to add a Craftmade K10368 Bloom 52″ Ceiling Fan. 

It’s always better to ask her opinion, even if she’s a toddler. Let her decide what makes her comfortable and happy.

Futureproof your girl’s ceiling fan

Every girl’s choice keeps changing with her age. Preschoolers like sparkly colors, prints having cartoon characters, animal prints, princesses, polka dots. As they grow to their teens they start opting for sleek and modern designs.

But fans are not fixtures that you buy every other day. So, why not choose a fan that’s fit’s the choice of your kid in all their growing years. Think about it.

What are the advantages of a girl’s ceiling fan?

It’s priceless to see your child happy and feel inspired. When your little girls see innovative decors like these ceiling fans in their room, it is sure to boost their imagination. Any girl would love to have a ceiling fan that not only provides her cool breeze but also adds fun to her life.


There you have it – all the best available options for a girl’s room ceiling fan. 

Prominence Home Elsa 48″ Pink Ceiling Fan is the best-overall affordable fan on our list. It’s fun, beautiful, futureproof. and best fits a small to the midsize girl’s room.

Let us know which girl’s room ceiling fan are you going to buy?

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