Hampton Bay Altura Ceiling Fan Review: Full Breakdown

The summer season is here and so are we to review one of the top fans out in the market for you. It may be a challenge for you to choose an ideal fan yourself considering the large influx of ceiling fans in the market.

We don’t want you wasting your precious time away looking for a ceiling fan so, here is an honest review of the Hampton Bay 56” Ceiling fan just for you.

Hampton Bay

Hampton bay is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Home Depot. This company manufactures and sells a line of décor products from ceiling fans to patio furniture.

Their ceiling fans will complement your home’s décor and will keep your room cool and comfortable.

Their fans are affordable, easy to use, and easy to install and they have got great diversity with designs such as modern, classic, or coastal styles.

Some Pointers

Before purchasing a ceiling fan, you need to consider a few things. You should really know why you want to buy one. What made you make the decision of getting a new ceiling fan. Do you want with light or without a light? Do you need to prefer looks over the futuristic ways of the fan?

Atlura Oil rubbed bronze ceiling fan

Hampton Bay Altura 56” ceiling fan will add a touch of traditional elegance to your indoor living space. This Altura fan features a powerful and quiet three-speed reversible motor for year-round comfort and energy savings.

This fan is beautifully appointed with five hand-carved wood blades with contrasting decorative bolts to compliment the finishing of the ceiling fan.

Convenient control is placed at your fingertips with three included full-function remote control with reverse functions. This Hampton Bay Altura ceiling fan is light kit adaptable and compatible with all universal-style light kits these lights.

Here are details of all the features of Hampton Bay’s Altura Series 56 inches Ceiling fan.

Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

This Hampton Bay fan has five beautiful carved wooden blades with a dark walnut finish to them. This modern and elegant finish to the fan gives off a contemporary touch to our living space. Be it bedroom, living room or kitchen. It is just perfect with its looks and charm.

Not only that but this ceiling fan has three motor housing finishes, the first one being an oil rubbed bronze then the glided espresso, and thirdly the brushed nickel. You can never get bored or disappointed with these three stunning finishes and these finishes allow this fan to compliment any style of décor already.

Universal Lights

This fan does not come equipped with lights, but it is perfectly compatible and interchangeable with any universal light.

So, if you are the person who likes their fan the old style without a light, or you prefer keeping the ornaments in your room to a minimum in either way this universal compatibility feature makes it a perfect fit for you. However, this does mean that you have to pay extra for the universal light kit.

This Hampton Bay ceiling fan has a multiple three-speed setting, and you can control the speed between slow, medium, and fast. This is a great feature especially for me because I really am a twitchy user who wants different airflows on different days. So, if you are just like me then this is an elite feature for you as well.


Another thing is that this fan comes equipped with a reversible motor which allows warm air circulation in winters and cool breezes during the summer season with an airflow of approximately 5,189 Cubic feet per minute.

This is a great cost-saving feature; this would be perfect for those who have high energy costs. The reverse airflow feature saves up a fortune on heating costs in long run.

The DC motor allows this ceiling fan to be whisper quiet. This feature alone would convince me halfway to buy this fan. I hold my sleep dear and the noisy fan just does not work for me. This whisper motor will surely take half of your worries away if you like relaxing and noiseless environments.

Downrod and Installation

It has an easy-to-install down rod included. It has a dual mount assembly and installation which makes this Hampton Bay Altura easy to install on a standard flat ceiling. It can also be easily installed and sloped surface using the additional extension rod. This dual mount assembly saves time, money, and hassle and it is so easy that you even can set it up yourself.

This fan is also compatible with 7 inches diameter threaded extension down rods, but they are sold separately which means that you have to give up on your extra bucks to get these.

Remote Control

The remote control is also included which allows you to tap into the fan functions without having to get up. You can manage the speed settings and also the light functions just by the click of a button.

Screw Covers

Extra hardware and visible screws often ruin the look of a ceiling fan, but Hampton Bay has solved this problem with their Altura series where all the extra hardware and screws are fully concealed with covers similar to the existing finishes which further adds up on the beauty of this ceiling fan.


This fan has the ideal dimensions to be a perfect fit for a large room with 12 feet x 12 feet to 18 feet x 18 feet with a total blade span of 56 in. 


Here are some of the public reviews which would give you a better sense of Altura’s ceiling fan real-life applications and its pros/cons.

Summary of reviews

Some consumers were concerned that the fan made too much noise at high speeds. There was no air movement at 6 feet away from the tip of the blades, according to some reviews. Also, they told that this fan is on the heavier side when assembled

Overall, the Hampton Bay Altura is a recommended item due to its low pricing and Energy Star accreditation, which aids in cost savings. The wooden feel and colors definitely give any interior a rustic type look.

Alternatives to Altura Oil Rubbed Bronze Fan

Surely this Altura fan is not the only ceiling fan out there to exist. So here we have some alternatives to compare our Altura ceiling fan with.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans Kaliza Ceiling Fan, 56, Pewter

Honeywell offers a bold and beautiful design with its Kaliza ceiling fan. With a blade span of 56” inches this design is the perfect fit for his bedroom if he has a large or a master bedroom.

This fan is crafted using unique modern details. It features. a white finish accompanied by the long lines that make the arm of the blades.

The blades are reversible with one side having a white finish while the other side showcasing a lovely gray wash fixture finish. As with the other Honeywell fans, this one also comes with integrated LED light with a mechanism to dim the light according to your liking.

As for most of the fans, this one can also be controlled using a remote control. 3-speed setting and the light brightness can be controlled by the wireless remote control.

Alexa and Google Home are compatible with this unit. Integrated LED lights and Alexa/Google home compatibility is an addition in this one, but what set this fan does not have the reversible and quiet motor which sets the Altura fan apart.

Prominence Home 80091-01 Abner Vintage Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Prominence Home Abner features a warm espresso body and dual-finish fan blades, allowing you to instantly select the design that best complements your individual room. This ceiling fan is damp rated, allowing it to be installed both indoors and in covered outdoor areas such as patios, etc.

This fan comes equipped with Edison-styled bulbs which do not only light up the room but also adds up to the aesthetics of the room. Similar to the Altura fan this fan also features a powerful and quiet three-speed reversible motor. This feature coupled with the warm design and the Edison-styled bulbs gives an edge over the Altura fan. 

HUNTER 53091 Builder Deluxe Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Builder Deluxe traditional indoor ceiling fan is a modern take on a classic design that can brighten up any tiny room, from kitchens to bedrooms. The fully dimmable, high-efficiency LED lights in the LED light glass bowl ceiling fan allow you complete control over your lighting. Optimized 13-degree blade pitch for optimal air movement and top performance.

This adjustable mount fan has a three-position mounting system that allows for conventional, low, or inclined mounting. This reversible fan has reverse rotation fan blades that keep the rooms in and outside of your home cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

Hampton Bay Altura ceiling fan seems to be better than this one as other than the integrated LED light glass bowl this fanless features than headline fan of this review.


Why Altura

Finding a ceiling fan is difficult but this review will surely help you narrow down the choices. The Hampton Bay’s Altura ceiling fan has a sleek and contemporary design with a dark walnut finish to its blades which would change the ambiance of any room it would be installed in.

Not only that its powerful and quiet multi-speed motor is promising which would prove to be quite beneficial in long term in terms of cost savings.

An alternative

We seem to think that the Altura Ceiling fan has a modern design along with advanced technological features which makes it a great fit for your living space, though if you want to look into some alternatives then Prominence Home Abner Vintage Ceiling fan is the best choice, it has all the features which the Altura fan has and other features such as Edison styled bulbs are added bonuses.

We hope this review helps to take some pressure off your chest.

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