Hampton Bay Windward II Review – Full Breakdown

Everyone understands that fans are beneficial and are also used to enhance the style of your home. Fans can save you money too. Some ceiling fans turn your AC off for you, while others help make the house a little cooler than it would be otherwise. For me, those are the reasons why most people buy fans.

The Windward II 54 inch Ceiling Fan is often regarded as one of Hampton Bay’s best creations and the best in the Hampton Bay Windward II Series.

Are you wondering what kind of ceiling fan model the Windward II 54 inch Ceiling Fan is? If so, this blog post will be super helpful to you.

Hampton Bay 54 In. Windward II Brushed Steel Ceiling Fan, Single Light Ceiling Fan with 5 Dark Blades, Modern Style

As you might have seen, the Windward II 54 Inch ceiling fan from Hampton Bay is a blend of rustic and contemporary design with sturdy construction materials to provide reliable, high-performance air circulation in your home.

The brushed steel finish with five dark wood blades blends seamlessly into any environment. Enjoy the comfort of variable speed control and a quiet motor with the 3-speed pull chain included. This motorized fan consists of a built-in LED light fixture, adding instant ambiance to any room.

Let’s dive deeper into the features of the Hampton Bay 54” Windward II Brushed Steel Ceiling fans that distinguish it from others in this fan category.

Hampton Bay Windward – Feature Deep Dive

Thermostatic Remote Control

One of the things that make the Windward II special is that it is fitted with thermostatic remote control. I figured out that this particular feature allows users like me to set the temperature to the desired frequency, giving me an optimal experience, whether in the winter or summer.

Also, the Windward ceiling fan temperature-control remote has a button that allows me to change the direction of airflow. This reversible airflow feature personally comes in handy, especially at night when I prefer to turn airflow up, as turning it down usually causes muscle friction.

Glow In The Dark Lighting

Asides from the temperature control capabilities of the remote, another of my favorite features of the remote control is the glowing of the light button in the dark, which I think is just perfect.

For example, once, this light button helped me find the remote itself when I mistakenly stepped on the light button. Not much, but it helps, and this feature mostly comes with the newer versions of the fan.

Expansive Light Kit

Another cool feature of the Windward II is its light kit. This feature saves me a lot of light bills as it is energy-efficient by default. Also, apart from being energy-saving, the light kit is designed to provide dual illumination for any time of the day, be it nighttime illumination when I want to sleep or illumination for my reading. It’s easily one of my favorite features.

White Blades

Furthermore, the Windward II’s gorgeous white blades add a tinge of grandeur to your room’s decor. For me, this is one of the attractive features of this fan. Plus, these blades have got quite the pitch on them, as the edges have a 29-degree pitch which means they will produce more air even at a low speed.

Lastly, one stand-out review by most users of this fan is the fact that the Windward II ceiling fan is noiseless.

Why do we recommend the Hampton Bay Windward II?

There are bound to be various reactions in the review of a product, and the Windward II Ceiling fan is no different. However, what distinguishes a great product from a crappy one is the percentage of positive reviews.

Based on that, this ceiling fan has got loads of positive reviews from real-life users. Believe me when I tell you that the Windward Ceiling fan is undoubtedly worth it, and that is from a personal and general point of view.

And there are so many things/features that make this fan by Hampton bay really special and so worth it.

Is Hampton Bay Windward II Worth It?

First, the Windward II ceiling fan is a very modern-looking and attractive fan with its brushed nickel finish reminiscent of a 20th-century industrial design. The stylish look of this fan is a great feature that contributes to the beauty of the decor in your space.

That is why the attractiveness of this fan is one of the most talked-about features most users have raved about when talking about the Windward II ceiling fan.

In other words, the Windward II brings a sense of style and vintage charm into your home. Secondly, the Windward Ceiling fans are famous for their blissful noiselessness. Unlike most ceiling fans, this fan works efficiently without much noise. You can enjoy your purchase in peace and quiet.

Third, the remote control is another feature that makes this fan worth it. The addition of this remote control is the closest thing to make the Windward II a complete smart fan. With this control, you can perform many functions; turn the fan on and off, regulate the temperature, etc., and it’s pretty easy to use.

Lastly, the airflow of this fan is simply efficient; that is, even when there is little wind, it still manages to pull a lot of air. So, for instance, during hot summers, this fan is just the one.

Accessories for Hampton Bay Windward II


The TCP 150W equivalent CFL T6 double circle lamp is a perfect replacement for those hard-to-reach 120V general service lamps. It has an average rated life of 10,000 hours and is ideal instead of incandescent and halogen lamps.

The TCP 150W equivalent CFL T6 double circle lamp saves you money because these light tubes reduce energy consumption and cost.

Meanwhile, this does not hamper its efficiency as the TCP 150W equivalent, CFL T6 double circle lamp still produces the same brightness and light distribution as a 150W incandescent lamp.


The Hampton Bay CHQ7096T Thermostatic Remote Control with Green Light Button is not only an easy-to-use device, but it’s pretty elegant too if you are a design enthusiast.

With this device, you can seamlessly operate your ceiling fan, no matter what setting it’s on.

The remote control helps in controlling the fan’s temperature. Plus, it’s equipped with a green light button for use at night time when you may want to turn on the light without adjusting the fan speed.

Replacement Glass Bowl

The glass bowl is an optional replacement part for the Windward II 54 in. ceiling fan, model FF633-54. This frosted white bowl is an exact match to the color of the original piece.

Due to an unfortunate throwing accident, I damaged the original glass bowl of my Windward II 54 in. ceiling fan.

Luckily, I was able to get another frosted white glass bowl from the local Home Depot. Its frosted white finish ensures that it will mix seamlessly with the other parts of your ceiling fan.


Honeywell Carmel Ceiling Fan

The Honeywell Carmel 48-Inch ceiling fan is similar to the Windward II 54 in. ceiling fan in various ways; both ceiling fans have beautiful designs, the same 3-speed reversible motor, remote control to operate the fan efficiently. It is also energy efficient in terms of energy consumption. And they are both noiseless fans.

However, the Windward II 54” is different from the Honeywell Carmel 48 inch ceiling fan in terms of its inches and the design of its remote control. Also, one distinctive difference is the 29-degree pitch that is on the Windward II combined with its 54″ diameter makes it blow much more air than the Honeywell Carmel.

So, it’s safe to say that the Windward II 54” and the Honeywell Carmel 48” ceiling fan are pretty attractive and powerful fans although they have their distinctive differences.

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan

This fan is similar to the Windward Ceiling fan based on its contemporary and modern design. Also, in terms of their large blade size, a 3-speed powerful motor, and remote control.

Also, they are both quiet fans and have remote controls.

In terms of difference, the Honeywell Xerxes ceiling fan is a much bigger fan with its 62” size, an industrial fan in fact, so it blows much better indoors. With the Tri-mount compatible feature of the Xerxes ceiling fan, it’s a very easy fan to mount and has dynamic mounting capabilities.

So, it means you can position it in different ways. Also, its integrated LED light is so powerful that it can light an entire room and can be dimmed to as low as 10%.

From the above comparison, the Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan, 62; Oil Rubbed Bronze and the Hampton Bay 54 Inches ceiling fan Windward II Brushed Steel Ceiling Fan are clearly in the heavyweight categories of fans.

Prominence Home 80093-01 Ashby Ceiling Fan

The Ashby 52″ ceiling fan has similar features to the Windward II Ceiling Fan in terms of color and contemporary design, 50+ inch diameter blades, and remote control to operate the fans. Outside this, the fans are distinctly different from each other.

The Ashby 52” ceiling fan is a different fan from the Windward Ceiling fan due to features like the Tri-mount compatibility, dual-finish reversible blades, and its integrated LED light.

Based on the above comparison, the Ashby 52” ceiling fan might not blow as much as the Windward II ceiling fan due to the latter’s 54″ blade diameter but they are both fit perfectly in the category of good functional ceiling fans.


The Hampton Bay 54 In. Windward II Brushed Steel Ceiling Fan is indeed an impressive fan, and you don’t have to take my word for it. From the fan’s great reviews from users to its unique features and functions, it’s worth a look and the buy.

Aside from this, compared with other fans, the Hampton Bay 54” Windward still manages to hold its own and stand out.

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