9 Best Huge Ceiling Fan Choices

A large ceiling fan does not guarantee high airflow.

But oversized spaces need huge ceiling fans. 

So, it becomes crucial that you do not choose a huge ceiling fan only based on its size. You need to select the fan based on various features including airflow, efficiency, durability, style, and much more.

Let’s make it easy for you to select a large ceiling fan as we have already shortlisted the top ones for you in the market.

Best Large Ceiling Fans

Big Air 88″ Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Big Air industrial fan is the Best Overall Huge Ceiling Fan.

With a sleek and contemporary look, this fan can fit in any casual or sophisticated environment. It makes a perfect choice for your shops, barns, garages, offices, and living rooms. Having 9 blades of 88” size this large fan is your ideal option for giant spaces.

As it is damp rated you can style this in any of your indoor or covered patio areas.

It also includes a remote to let you control the 6-speed settings of the fan with comfort. Exclusively designed for high air movement this fan makes a great choice for your oversized rooms.

It includes a reversible motor allowing you to change the airflow direction based on your seasonal needs. Also, the motor is rated ENERGY STAR. It’s claimed to be 65% more efficient than traditional AC fan motors. 

With such great features and affordable value, this fan makes the best choice for a huge ceiling fan. 

Mounting: Downrod

4.6 stars out of 5

Harbor Breeze Hydra 70 Inch Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan

With a modern look, the Harbor Breeze Hydra fan is the Best Budget Option for a Huge Ceiling Fan.

It has a brushed nickel finish in the center and toffee-finished fan blades. This fan blends effortlessly with contemporary decor in your large spaces. Having large 70” inch blades it is capable of providing enough air movement in oversized rooms.

Because it has a remote to control 6-speed settings, you can manage the fan from your comfortable place in the room. You also receive a free remote holder. The twisted-styled blades elevate the esthetic of your interiors.

Having a center light kit with energy-efficient bulbs makes it a perfect choice for people who need light fixtures along with the fan. 

The motor is reversible and is quiet, helping you to create a peaceful environment to work or focus.

The best thing about this fan is its price, it’s very affordable for the many benefits it provides. For this reason, we had to include this on our list.

Mounting: Downrod

4.5 stars out of 5

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan, 62

The Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes stands out as the Best Huge Ceiling Fan with Bright Lights.

With a bold body and dual finished fan blades gives you a choice of 2 looks in a single purchase. One side of the blade is dark elm and the other side is rough pine. Because of the oil-rubbed bronze finish, this fan uplifts the zing of your large rooms.

It includes an integrated light kit with a fluid look to brighten up your rooms with 1400 lumens of LED light bulbs. The frosted glass pairs along with a bronze finish to add a rich and wholesome allure to your indoor spaces. As the lights are dimmable you can change the ambiance of your room according to your needs.

You can control the fan and lights with a remote control or light switches. You also get an option to make it compatible with Google Home and Alexa using a Bond Home (sold separately). Controlling a 3-speed fan could never be easier than this one. 

Because of its quiet and sturdy motor, the fan creates no wobble sounds. And is best for people who need complete silence to do their work.

Having enormous features and high durability, this fan has made a strong position on our list.

Mounting: Closemount, Downrod, Angled

4.4 stars out of 5

Honeywell 51628-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Here is another Honeywell Xerxes model 51628-01 which is the Best Low Profile Huge Ceiling Fan with Lights.

Transforming the Xerxes fan to a contemporary look from a basic traditional style, Honeywell has done a phenomenal job to bring a modern feel to your homes and offices.

With integrated lights in the center of the fan, the aesthetic of your home can be elevated to the next level. The lights are both dimmable and bright. Having LED bulbs saves you more on your power consumption.

You get reversible blades with one side as french oak and the other side as gray oak. With this, you can change the look of your entire room by just flipping the blades to match your decors.  

The motor is reversible and quiet such that you can use it in all seasons with no disturbing noises. You receive a 3-speed remote control to manage the lights and fan settings from anywhere in the room. Additionally, you can also buy Bond Home, to enable its control settings through Google Home and Alexa. 

Many Honeywell fans make a great fit for oversized rooms but this is one of their best fans. So, how could we miss this one?

Mounting: Closemount, Downrod, Angled

4.5 stars out of 5

Honeywell 51036 Kaliza Modern Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

With an espresso modern finish, the Honeywell 51036 Kaliza fan is the Best Value for Money in Huge Ceiling Fan choices.

Because of reversible blades, you get 2 choices of the fan in one buy. One side is gray oak and the other is light oak. Having 6 blades of 56” inch you get great air movement in your large spaces.

There is an integrated beautiful light kit in the center that brightens your rooms. It’s both dimmable and energy-efficient. The center light globe adds elegance to your room ambiance. 

The motor is silent even at high speed to keep your rooms noiseless. Additionally, the motor is reversible so that you get hot air movement in winter and a cool breeze in summer. The fan is dry-rated and ideal for only indoor spaces. 

You also receive a remote control that helps you to switch the lights and fan speeds from anywhere in your indoor spaces. Also, compatible with modern technology options like Google Home and Alexa makes it even a better choice.

Providing so many benefits at a reasonable price makes this fan an ideal candidate for this best large ceiling fans list.

Minka-Aire F896-65-ORB Xtreme H2O 65 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Minka Aire Xtreme fan makes the Best Outdoor Huge Ceiling Fan on our list.

With a modern perfect design and 8 blades of 65” inch makes this an ideal choice for any large place. Since it’s wet rated, it’s best for both interior and exterior spaces.

The original fan kit does not include lights but you can order them separately and get them assembled. It has a durable motor that’s quiet with no disturbing noises. Having 205 CFM per watt airflow efficiency, it tops the list for high airflow. You also save a lot of money on your electricity bills as it’s ETL listed.

You get a remote to control the fan settings. Its 6-speed gives you lot’s of choice to set your air movement. Because it is Bond compatible, you can operate the fan through voice options like Google Home and Alexa. It’s easy to install and is pretty sturdy and noiseless. 

Being impressed by its exceptional features we had to bring this fan to our list.

Mounting: Protruding

4.7 stars out of 5

Springer Collection Distressed Walnut Coastal Windmill Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a huge ceiling fan that does not settle on a style and yet provides a cool breeze to your whole oversized room, here is the right option for you. Springer Coastal Windmill is the Best Unique Design Huge Ceiling Fan

The fan itself has an unconventional windmill design and you are going to love it if you love eye-catching art pieces. It has a rustic flair and architectural bronze finish to make your interiors enticing to anyone who visits you.

Also, it comprises 12 blades that span over 60” inch to fit any large size room. They are best for indoor use only. It has a remote control so that you can control your fan settings from your palms sitting anywhere in your rooms.

Because it’s energy-efficient you are sure to save high on your power bills. Although it does not have any light fixture, it makes a great choice as its unusual design adds an innovative style and zing to your spaces.

Having an art piece appeal and yet providing benefits of a basic fan efficiently, makes this an ideal candidate for our list.

Minka Aire F868L-ORB Sleek – LED 60 Inch Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire F868L Ceiling Fan

With great affordability, Minka Aire is Best Technology-Driven Huge Ceiling Fan.

Having an oil-rubbed bronze finish, simple yet contemporary look makes this fan the best choice to blend with modern decors. Although the design is simple, it uplifts the aesthetic of your spaces.

The fan has an integrated light kit in the center to brighten up the ambiance of your rooms. Since it’s simple in design it’s easy to install and is tested thoroughly to make no wobble or disturbing noises in your personal spaces.

You get the ability to connect it to your Wifi in a few minutes. You can control it using voice commands as it works with a Bond Home. Helping you to control it through Google Home, Ecobee, Alexa, Nest. Additional integration with SmartThings, Control4, ELAN, Hubitat, and others is also available.

There are more ways to control the fan, with a remote and mobile app provided by Minka Aire on app stores.

Because this fan is high-tech-driven, energy efficient we couldn’t resist including it on our list.

Mounting: Protruding

Reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan with Dimmable LED Light Kit Remote Control 

Reiga fan is the Best Quiet Huge Ceiling Fan.

Having a modern contemporary look with hand-painted color makes it best for people trying to search for unique art pieces to match their decor.

Includes a DC motor that’s energy-efficient to help you save more bucks on your power consumption. The motor is reversible so you can use it in all seasons and creates pin-drop silence in your large rooms.

Also, it comprises a center light kit that is both dimmable and efficient. You can control the fan and light settings using a remote. What makes this fan a bit different than others is the sleep feature. You can set the timer to shut the fan off automatically within 6 hours of the timeframe to save money.

The fan itself has 6-speed settings and 3 dimmable light options. The different light settings create a different ambiance based on your moods to keep you inspired.

This is the best budget as well as a high featured quiet fan, so we had to include this fan on our list.

How To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck? 

Let’s now have a look at what features make a huge ceiling fan worth buying.

Choose the correct down rod size

The down rod is the metal pipe that connects the mounting hardware to the motor housing of the ceiling fan. 

A downrod is important for 3 reasons.

  • Stabilizes the fan
  • Reduces the wobble sound when the fan moves
  • Aids in proper airflow movement.

Having a minimum 7 feet distance between fan blades and the floor, and 8”-10” inches between the fan blade and ceiling ensures optimal airflow in your rooms. The downrod helps to adjust these distances and increases the airflow with an increase in the distance between fan blades and floor.

Downrod ranging from 3”-23” inch sizes are available in the market. Choose the perfect size downrod for your rooms based on the distances to be maintained for enough airflow mentioned above.

Get strong motor quality

DC motors are preferable to conventional AC motors. DC motors have many benefits.

  • Motor size is small, making the fans lighter in weight.
  • They are virtually silent.
  • They are highly energy-efficient and save up on your power consumption.
  • Capability to provide 6-speed settings.
  • Have higher torque to fasten start-up speeds.

Typically most DC motors are ETL listed and comprise LED light kits which again add up to energy efficiency. Ceiling fans with DC motors are a bit expensive but are value for money for a long duration.

Avoid discounted low priced fans

Keep away from cheap ceiling fans. Buying discounted low-priced ceiling fans is in reality expensive in many ways.

  • You get a low-quality product.
  • They are not long-lasting.
  • Most of the parts of the fan are either irreplaceable or not easily available for replacement.
  • Are not energy efficient
  • The customer support is awful.

Ceiling fans are not a product that we buy frequently. So, we must invest in a fan that is highly durable, futureproof, and of the best quality even if it comes with a reasonable price tag.

Get a well-balanced ceiling fan 

One of the crucial things to consider is whether the ceiling fan you’ve decided to buy balances with your spaces.

  • It should effortlessly blend to match the decor of your interiors or exteriors. 
  • If you need light along with the fan, check whether it’s enough to brighten up your room. Are the lights dimmable to have a variety of styles with each light shade?
  • Check if the fan is power efficient so that you can save money on power. It’s best to buy ETL-listed fans.
  • If you love new technology features you need to consider buying fans like Minka Aire F868L-ORB Sleek which are tech-driven.

Get the most airflow

The most basic feature of the fan is to provide enough air movement to keep your comfort in your spaces or rooms. If you do not check this, what’s the whole point of buying a fan?

With huge ceiling fans, it becomes even more vital to check this feature as it’s difficult to make a decision when you are searching for a fan for your oversized space.

There are two parameters to check when it comes to airflow. First is the size of the fan Vs. size of your room. And the other factor is to check CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute), the CFM is directly proportional to airflow in your space.


As you are now aware of all the great options in the market for your large spaces, what are you waiting for? You can now choose the best huge ceiling fan for your home or offices using the buyer’s guide given above.

If you are still confused we would recommend you buying a Big Air 88” industrial ceiling fan. It makes a perfect purchase for you if you need a durable, top quality motor to invest for the long term. Also, the high airflow movement and 88” inch size blade span makes it best for any indoor and outdoor large spaces.

Let us know which huge ceiling fan are you planning to buy?

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