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Ceiling fans are often considered a matter of practical necessity.

When you think of spending some extravagant expense in the home, the humble ceiling fan is not the first thing that comes to your mind.

But if you have the means and have a look at the most expensive ceiling fans, you’ll be amazed to discover their high-end features and benefits. After knowing the staggering perks you enjoy with expensive ceiling fans you’ll no longer see them as an overhead. Instead, you’ll find them as a valuable investment for a long time.

Let’s now explore some expensive luxury ceiling fans that are worth every penny you spend on them.

Best Expensive Ceiling Fans

Emerson CF315CO72ORB Kathy Ireland Home Lindbergh

With a sleek and modern design, Emerson Lindbergh is the Best Overall Expensive Ceiling Fan. Enhancing your homes and offices with a unique style. It has 3 sculpted solid wood 72” inch blades that add elegance to your spaces.

You get many choices of finish for this fan, like Brushed Steel with Coffee, Natural, Graphite with Timber Gray, or Charcoal blades. But the oil-rubbed bronze can blend with all types of decors.

Along with a contemporary design, the fan includes a powerful Eco-Motor. The motor is energy efficient and innovative to create pin drop silence even at high speeds. It has exceptional airflow speed and efficiency.

With a dimmable integrated light kit in the center, it becomes more beautiful. The light fixture is energy efficient with a shatter-resistant opal matte shade. The light is bright and brings in a warm ambiance to your home.

The motor is reversible to provide you cool breeze in summers and warm airflow in winters. You get 6-speed wall control for hassle-free operation.

The Emerson Lindberg fan is sure to impress your visitors and get you nice compliments. Seeing all the great features, how could we miss such a great choice on our list.

Quorum International Windmill 72″ Ceiling Fan

The Quorum Windmill has an innovative rustic style and is a Best Designed Expensive Ceiling Fan.

This fan includes 15 expansive weather oak blades styled to make it look like a windmill. This fan is sure to catch the attention of all your visitors, adding a unique flair to your rooms. 

Along with both indoor and outdoor options for this fan, you also get various sizes of blades. It comes with a 6-speed remote wall control to adjust the airflow for this lovely fan. 

Many people feel that the Quorum fan includes a light fixture, but it’s not so. It’s a transitional fan with a small but powerful motor. Although the pinwheel design of the fan is not conventional, it brings a lot of breeze to your spaces. Just like any other traditional fan.

This fan is an art piece and has unique creativity involved to impress anyone. We couldn’t resist missing out on this innovative ceiling fan design on our list.

Just a word of caution, do not buy this fan if you have sloped ceilings. We don’t want you to waste your money on something you’ll not be able to use.

Minka Aire F803DL-LN Artemis – 58 Inch Smart Ceiling Fan 

With a Minka Aire F803DL-LN Artemis, you not only get a modern fan design but also modern technical features. It’s the Best Modern Expensive Ceiling Fan.

It pairs easily with any smart home system like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and Ecobee. You also get the freedom to control your fan through your smartphone using the app provided by Minka-Aire Bond Home. Now you don’t have to worry about your fan even if you are out as you can operate it from anywhere using your phone.

The Minka Aire Indoor Artemis ceiling fan has a liquid nickel finish to fit any contemporary, modern interiors. You get a quiet DC motor that is well tested by the manufacturer to provide you with quiet environments to remain focused at your home or office.

You get an integrated dimmable light to brighten up your rooms. Additionally, you get a remote control if you don’t want to go the modern tech way to control it. You also receive a 6” inch downrod to adjust the mounting to your ceilings.

Based on smart tech features and design, this fan made a strong position on our list.

Warehouse of Tiffany CFL-8213AB Havorand Ceiling Fan

The traditional fan from the Warehouse of Tiffany is the Best Expensive Ceiling Fan with Chandelier.

Inspired by the 19th-century decor, the Tiffany Ceiling fan consists of 5 blades. With 52” inch size, it makes a perfect choice for any mid to large size indoor room.

The fan gives a flavor of elegance to your interiors with a beautiful majestic chandelier in the center. The dazzling light fixture is made of high-quality crystal glass with 6 light lamps to brighten your rooms.

You can control the fan and lights using pull chains.

As this fan is ETL listed it is very high in efficiency and airflow. So, you save a lot on your power consumption bills. The motor used to run the fan is reliable and is noiseless. Furthermore, the motor is reversible and allows for 3-speed control.

Some people complain that it takes time to install due to several crystal pieces. It’s still worth every penny to get the marvelous piece assembled in your interiors. 

As we were scouring for the most expensive traditional fan, this Tiffany fan made a great choice to be on our list.

Matthews IR5H-WN-WA-60 Irene Ceiling Fan

The Irene ceiling fan from Matthews is Best Expensive Hugger Ceiling Fan.

With a modern yet rustic look, this fan is sure to inspire you with simplicity. It comprises 5 walnut-toned blades with a wooden finish. You can buy this fan in various blade sizes from 42” to 60”. Furthermore, you receive 26 choices of vivid colors. 

This is an elegant solid style fan with no light fixtures and is best for people who don’t like heavy embellishments and ornaments. The fan has a strong DC motor which is both ETL and CETL approved for damp locations. The motor is reversible and noiseless.

Includes wall-mountable, handheld 6-speed remote control to operate your fan at your comfort. You can use Irene fans for both indoor and outdoor locations.

Along with high power efficiency, this fan also tops for airflow movement. However, this fan is not meant for vaulted ceiling mounts. 

Having an effortless contemporary design with high efficiency made us include this fan on our list. 

Progress Lighting P250000-081 Springer Ceiling Fan

The cool windmill Springer ceiling fan from Progress Lighting is the Best Value for Money Ceiling Fan in the Expensive Range.

With this eccentric style ceiling fan, you gather awesome compliments from your visitors. It comes in various finishes like Nickel, Architectural Bronze, Antique Nickel, Matte Black. So, you can choose any polish that fits your theme.

Although it does not include any light fixtures it brings a vibrant style with its design. It’s a perfect fan to elevate the spirits of your farmhouses and living rooms. 

Having a reliable motor brings top benefits. Like low power consumption and high airflow in your rooms. Also, the motor is reversible to get you a hot or cold breeze according to seasonal choices. It’s quiet and creates a peaceful environment.

Although it has an unconventional form for a ceiling fan, it provides you with 6-speeds. It also includes a remote control. Having so much flexibility with a creative design is unique. Moreover, it’s easy to install to get it ready for your usage.

Bringing in so many benefits and 5-star ratings from 85% of people who bought it. This expensive ceiling fan makes an ideal candidate for our list. People who rated it low do not have reasonable explanations.

Minka-Aire F903L-ORB Artemis IV 64 Inch Ceiling Fan

With a contemporary stunning design Minka-Aire Artemis IV 64 is the Best Expensive Ceiling Fan with a Sleek Look.

This Minka fan has a modern appeal that uplifts the aesthetic of any room decor. You get a sleek-looking fan with a modern oil-rubbed bronze finish. 

The Minka Aire IV 64 elevates the elegance of your spaces. It includes 4 uniquely twisted style blades making the fan more alluring.

You get dimmable lights in the center with an etched lens. The light fixture makes the fan more captivating in appearance. The fan and lights are energy and airflow efficient to cut the costs of your bills.

In the kit, you get the actual fan, remote control, and a 6” downrod to hang the fan conveniently in any place. The blade size is 64” inch making it a perfect choice for large to mid-size rooms.

This fan can be made compatible with Alexa or Google Home by using a Bond hub BD-1000 (sold separately). 

Having a fascinating unique appearance and the best feedback from its buyers compelled us to include this fan on our list.

Minka-Aire F788L-GS Dream Star 60 Inch Ceiling Fan

The Minka Dream Star ceiling fan with 60” inch blades. And makes a great fit for Best Contemporary Design Ceiling Fan in the expensive range.

What makes this fan ideal for your interiors is the elegant design that is sure to inspire you. The fan makes a perfect choice for any modern or rustic theme decor. You get to choose from 3 different colors for this fan which are white, graphite steel, and bronze.

The fan comes with an attractive light in the center. The fan kit also includes a remote to control the light and fan speed. With 6-speeds you get the option to set your airflow in different ranges.

Because this fan has a strong and reliable DC Motor, it’s quiet and does not wobble at all. The motor is reversible to cool and warm your airflows as and when needed. Also, the fan is very efficient in terms of power and airflow.

If you want to make it compatible with Google Home and Alexa then you need to buy a separate Bond hub BD-1000.

With a great style, poise looks, and power efficiency this Minka fan had to make it to our list.

Tips for Choosing The Perfect Expensive Luxurious Fan

Why Should You Choose A Luxury Fan?

Let’s first check why anyone would buy a hefty-priced ceiling fan when there are plenty of cheap options. 

The first reason is you want to impress your friends, visitors or maybe some clients. If you can afford a luxury fan why would you not opt for it to allure your visitors? Luxury ceiling fans are sure to inspire your customers if you are in professions like interior designing, craft shops, craft classes, or antique shops.

It’s very interesting to have ceiling fans as a conversation starter when you discuss design and decor with your guests or customers. And you never know it becomes a big deal.

Another reason you want to buy an expensive ceiling fan is to add zing to your home. If you have an eye for art, you are sure to get one luxury fan in your home or office. 

A mediocre fan is not styled with craftsmanship and creativity. In fact the style, design, pattern decide the price for a luxury fan. The more unique the design is, the price becomes heavier to buy one.

Another factor that decides to get a high-end ceiling fan is to get technology benefits. If you want to become smart with all propellers in your home then a ceiling fan cannot be an exception to it. The more high-tech features a ceiling fan offers, the more expensive it becomes. 

Are Expensive Luxurious Fans Worth It?

Yes, of course, most expensive ceiling fans are worth only when you choose them wisely for your needs and benefits.

We do not recommend that you buy expensive ceiling fans if you are planning to change them anytime soon. Most expensive ceiling fans are highly durable. And to avoid wasting your money we would suggest you buy them only if you use them for a long time.

Another reason that makes ceiling fans worth their price is technology benefits. If you want to buy a smart fan compatible with most smart systems for you to handle them smoothly. Then you should go ahead and buy an expensive ceiling fan. 

When it comes to technology advancements you cannot have them without shedding some extra money from your pockets.

In the end, it all comes down to affordability. Having a big budget for your home gives you the freedom to decide whether you want to opt for a luxury ceiling fan or not. In case you have the option to make exorbitant choices for your personal spaces why not spend them to have a unique ceiling fan. That may also have modern technology integrated into it.

Best Accessories For Luxurious Expensive Fans

Although luxury ceiling fans are enough if used alone. But adding some more accessories is always an option for their maintenance and uplifting the design.

Pull Chains

If you are looking to add some more design and decor pieces to your luxury fan you can opt for attractive pull chains. Pull chains add a traditional yet elegant nuance to your expensive ceiling fans.

Smart Light Bulbs

Even though you get excellent bulbs with most luxury ceiling fans, you can change them to make a difference in the ambiance of your room. Different light shades create altogether a different mood in your rooms. You can always choose to bring more elegance or vibrancy based on your needs just by changing the bulbs. 

Air Humidifier

Including a humidifier is always optional, yet we would recommend them for your expensive fans. The reason behind this is that the humidifier helps to keep the temperature in control in summers. And also helps to make the dust in the air heavy. In turn, the fan blades get less dirty since all the dust being heavy settles low in the room.


Now, you know all the great benefits most expensive ceiling fans bring with their high price tag. I am sure you are fascinated after learning about this and are looking to buy one now.

Our best number #1 recommendation for an expensive ceiling fan is Emerson CF315CO72ORB Kathy Ireland Home Lindbergh. This fan beats most other fans in looks. And is also a great one-time investment saving up your money on your power bills. With long-lasting durability, you don’t have to think twice to spend money on this one.

Let us know in the comments which high-end ceiling fans you liked the most. Also which one are you planning to buy now?

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