10 Space Heaters That Can Be Left Attended

In cold weather, space heaters can be a useful source of additional heat. Sadly, if not used properly, they can cause serious fire and electric shock hazards.

Space heaters with deficient safety systems, space heaters placed near flammable materials, and space heaters that are improperly plugged in can all result in fires and electrical hazards.

Even though leaving space heaters on is risky, you should always look for the finest space heaters that can be left unattended to keep your home warm while you are gone.

FAQs/Important Things to Consider

Can you leave an electric heater on all night?

It is not advised that you do this. Going by manufacturers’ recommendations, you should not go to sleep with your heater left on. Newer heaters are marketed as being safe to leave alone or on all night. However, space heaters may overheat, and you won’t know when it happens while you’re sleeping, so don’t take the chance.

Some heaters are designed to function at all hours of the day and night, while others might be dangerous if left on for too long. It’s recommended to put on these heaters a few hours before retiring to bed and then turn them off after the lights go dark.

If you want to leave your home’s heaters on overnight, be sure you know which types of heaters can withstand a longer period of use.

How long should a space heater be left on?

Modern improvements in space heater technology allow space heaters to be left on for extended periods of time. If you have a higher-end heater, you may easily leave it on for 10 hours or longer.

The majority of fire safety experts recommend heating a room for two to three hours before sleeping, then shutting it off. It is not a good idea to leave your heaters on for an extended period of time. They are not only dangerous and can create a fire, but they are also harmful to your health.

Leaving your space heater on for too long can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and create a fire hazard.

What kind of space heaters can I leave unattended?

There are several types of space heaters available at the moment, based on factors such as the heat-generating media and the space heater’s power source.

There are oil heaters, infrared heaters, ceramic heaters, electric space heaters, and vented propane heaters.

Instead of heating the air around them, an infrared heater utilizes rays to warm things and people. It’s a completely safe and natural procedure that can go on all night.

With heaters made of ceramic, the ceramic plates inside the plastic casing heat up, but the air outside the case remains cold. As a result, this sort of heater is both safe to handle and safe to keep on all night.

Another one of the safest forms of heaters is an oil heater. An oil heater’s heating element is enclosed in a metal body, making it safe to touch and unlikely to overheat or burn your property.

You can choose between any one of these to warm up your home.

Are electric heaters safe to leave unattended?

The simplest method to avoid fires is to never leave a space heater unattended in a room—that way, if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to react immediately.

However, the electric form of power source is the safest to utilize to arm your room during chilly evenings. Electric heaters are widely accessible, but they are more costly than other forms of heaters.

Timer, auto mode, tip-over safety, overheating protection, cool-to-touch service, and other functions are available on electric heaters. As a result, an electric space heater is both safer and more pleasant.

Space Heater Recommendations

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

Best Infrared Space Heater

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater 1500-Watt

Star Rating: 4.6

Dr. Infrared Heater operates similarly to sunshine in that it warms things rather than air. Infrared heat feels natural and saves energy since it uses all of the heat produced. This results in practically minimal heat transmission loss at a cheap cost.

This heater is built to survive many winters, so it has a detachable filter that is simple to clean and replace, providing for a new start every time it’s needed.

Furthermore, it is absolutely silent and produces massive pressure, allowing it to move enormous quantities of air at a slower rate. It also has a programmable timer that turns off automatically when the number of hours you set reaches zero.


  • It is very quiet
  • It is sturdy and well built
  • It is relatively inexpensive
  • You get 3 years warranty
  • It has a timer


  • It might not be as long-lasting as advertised

PELONIS PHTPU1501 Ceramic Tower Indoor Space Heater, 1500 Watt

Best Indoor Space Heater

PELONIS PHTPU1501 Ceramic Tower

Star Rating: 4.6

Electric-resistance radiant heaters, in general, are the more effective type of ceramic heaters. With dependable ceramic heating technology, the Pelonis Ceramic Tower Indoor space heater will quickly heat up to 70°F in 3 seconds and maintain a pleasant temperature.

The flame-resistant indoor space heater is constructed of high-quality cool-touch material. It features a normal US plug that may be plugged into an outlet without the use of an adapter or an extension cable. It also protects you and your family against overheating and gives you tip-over protection.


  • It comes with a remote control
  • It also comes with a touch control and a timer
  • It features an oscillation setting for a more even flow of air
  • It is quiet
  • You get three heating options; high, low, and ECO mode


  • You only get one year warranty
  • The power cord is short

Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater

Best Child-Friendly Space Heater

Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater

Star Rating: 4.6

The Vornadobaby Tempa Heater is built for babies and therefore features advanced safety features. For worry-free usage, it has a cool-touch exterior, tip-over protection, and an automated safety shut-off mechanism.

Two heat and fan settings with auto or continuous air circulation are available to warm and circulate all of the air around the infant gently. The Vornadobaby Tempa heater maintains a pleasant temperature by providing mild yet effective vortex heat circulation. Because the heater circulates heat well, it can be put anywhere in the room and still keep the infant warm.

There are no sharp edges, no pinch spots, and there is an extremely solid foundation on the smooth exterior. The Vornadobaby Tempa heater is only active when you want it to be. Toddlers will be discouraged by a unique power switch cover that has been specially designed.


  • It has a child lock switch that is resistant to curiosity
  • It has a cord storage that is both hidden and covered to prevent babies from tripping
  • It is quiet
  • It warms up the room pretty quickly
  • It is very parent and child friendly


  • It is not very durable
  • It does not have a great warranty

Turbro Arcade HR1500 Electric Mica Space Heater, 1500 Watt

Best Electric Space Heater

TURBRO Arcade HR1500 Electric Mica Space Heater

Star Rating: 4.4

Turbro Arcade electric heater will come in handy if you can’t keep warm no matter how many covers you put on. It will turbo-heat your room and heat will begin to radiate from the heater in less than 30 seconds.

Heat radiates evenly from all sides of the heater, providing a complete room heating experience. You can discover the ideal heat level for your house with two heat settings to select from and a temperature control knob.

Unlike conventional heaters that just blast hot air in one direction, the Arcade uniformly heats your space by distributing heat in all directions at the same time.

Using a Turbro Arcade heater, you can create a quiet and pleasant atmosphere without removing moisture from the air. You won’t have to worry about noise or dust being blown around your house because it doesn’t utilize a fan. To avoid any mishaps, it incorporates overheating protection and a tip-over cutoff.


  • It is portable and can be wheeled around your home
  • It has overheating and tip-over protection
  • It is energy efficient


  • It requires assembly
  • You only get one year of warranty

Space Heater, 1500W Ceramic Tower Heaters Indoor Portable with Remote

Best Rated Space Heater

Space Heater 1500W Ceramic Tower Heaters

Star Rating: 4.6

This portable space heater will meet all of your expectations and will wow you with its quick heating time, 24-hour timer, and energy-saving ECO mode. You’ll be able to quickly set the temperature you desire with a 5 °F temperature adjustment interval.

You can configure your heater and ensure that your house is toasty when you need it using the unique 24-hour timer function. This way, it is safe to leave running for a reasonable amount of time.

This ultra-versatile ceramic space heater may be positioned horizontally or vertically, making it ideal for any area. This way, you’ll be able to customize it to fit your needs, whether you’re working in a small office, a spacious living room, or a child’s bedroom.


  • Internal oscillation
  • 24 hours timer
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Removable filters


  • The heater cord is not long, so you might need an extension box
  • It draws a lot of amperage

Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat, 1500 Watt

Best Tip-over Protection Space Heater

Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat

Star Rating: 4.5

This ceramic heater is a wonderful choice if you need a nice small warmer for your workplace or other small rooms. When working, it does a great job of warming up your hands and feet. The portable heater includes a handy carry handle that makes moving it from room to room a breeze.

The built-in PTC ceramic heating technology and high-speed fan-assist swiftly warm up the space, making it ideal for usage in the living room. It can warm up a 200-square-foot room in minutes. The ceramic heater does all of this while producing a sound level of less than 45 decibels, making it suitable for use in a bedroom while sleeping. It is also ideal for dorms, bedrooms, living rooms, RVs, hot yoga, and more.

In addition, while the heater conducts power, the indicator light will remain illuminated, reminding you to disconnect it while not in use.


  • It is portable and has a convenient carry handle
  • It has overheating and tip-over protection
  • The heater includes a thermostat that helps it maintain the temperature you select


  • It does not have a remote control
  • It could do with a timer function

Fit Choice DH-QN08 1500W Oscillating Space Heater

Best Oscillating Space Heater

Fit Choice DH-QN08 1500W Oscillating Space Heater

Star Rating: 4.2

The Fit Choice space heater comes equipped with simple instructions and remote control that make it super easy to install and use. The portable winter heater may also be used as a summer fan to meet all of your needs all year long. There are three different heating levels to choose from 10W Natural Wind, 750W Low Heat, and 1500W High Heat.

Additionally, the Fit Choice space heater can oscillate 90 degrees horizontally and 30 degrees vertically to efficiently warm the entire house and workplace while remaining silent. It also has a one-touch 2/4/8 hour timer to match your work schedule or sleep time while saving electricity. This will be a great supplement for your central heating system.


  • Adjustable heating levels
  • Overheat protection
  • Oscillation feature
  • Fast and efficient


  • It can get noisy

Aikoper Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heater

Best Noiseless Space Heater

Aikoper Space Heater

Star Rating: 4.6

The Aikoper space heater makes heating your house or workplace a breeze. The fan-only feature and adjustable thermostat, together with the three distinct heating settings (Low, Medium, and High), can allow you to discover the perfect temperature for any occasion. Furthermore, the ultra-portable form allows you to carry it with you wherever you go.

For your peace of mind, your space heater is equipped with cutting-edge safety features such as a smart tip-over protection function and a dependable overheat protection feature.


  • It is useful in the fall, summer, winter, and spring
  • It is quiet
  • It heats up quickly
  • It is pretty compact


  • It is not energy efficient and will hike up your power bills

Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Best Thermostat Space Heater

Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Star Rating: 4.6

The Lasko Ceramic oscillating tower heater effectively heats quickly and effectively. For extra warmth, Lasko’s tiny yet powerful space heater may be conveniently transported from room to room.

Safe ceramic comfort for your house is provided by built-in safety features, an extended ceramic element, and penetrating air velocity. This is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, or nearly any other room in the house, thanks to the built-in timer and Logic Center remote control.

The top-mounted digital controls on this Lasko oscillating ceramic heater include a big digital display. The two heat settings, automated thermostat, 8-hour timer, and broad oscillation are all simple to use. In addition, for extra convenience, the multi-function remote controls all key heater functions.


  • Thermostat control
  • Portable
  • Remote control
  • 8-hour timer


  • It can get loud

Pro Breeze Space Heater – 1500W Electric Heater

Best Portable Space Heater

Pro Breeze Space Heater

Star Rating: 4.4

The innovative ceramic heating components in this electric heater deliver quicker and more energy-efficient heating than a typical electric space heater. Pro Breeze’s 1500W Mini Ceramic Heater uses industry-leading ceramic heating discs to deliver ultra-warm heat in small places. The ceramic fan heater produces a stream of heated air that rapidly and efficiently heats the space in front of the heater with the flip of a switch.

This compact and powerful room heater is ideal for use in the bedroom, workplace, or beneath the desk. Although designed for bedroom use, this heater’s lightweight and small design allows it to be carried to wherever you need it most, making it the ideal space heater for office for usage in homes, garages, dormitories, and workplaces.


  • It is portable
  • It includes a tip-over switch and overheat protection
  • You can choose between three operating modes: high (1500w), low (750), and fan only
  • It is quiet


  • It is not very durable


Space heaters should not be used overnight and can provide a possibly fatal fire danger if you use them incorrectly. However, you can keep your house safe from fires without losing warmth by using them sparingly, using safety-oriented heaters, and following safe usage procedures.

Keeping warm is good, but remember to always take safety precautions.

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