6 Best Styled Stained Glass Ceiling Fans

Using stained glass ceiling fans in a room is a simple yet, great way to make the room look colorful and exquisite.

A stained glass ceiling fan can transform home decor from basic to ‘wow.’

Besides, we understand that there are many stained glass ceiling fans out there, and choosing the best ones can be a little bit stressful.

Because of this, we have decided to put together a buying guide for choosing the best-stained glass ceiling fan. We believe this would help you in making a well-informed purchase decision on these glass ceiling fans.

How To Build Your Own Stained Glass Ceiling Fan

You can also build your stained glass ceiling fan. The way to do this is if your ceiling fan can accommodate a light kit, you can visit stores that sell stained glass light kits or light covers. You will be able to find a beautiful stained glass ceiling or the perfect light kit to match your home decor.

What style of ceiling fan light shade should you choose?

The most important factor to consider when choosing a fan light shade is the color. When selecting a color, it is vital that you know the style you are trying to recreate in your home. The style can be either modern, contemporary, or traditional. Upon ascertaining this, you can then research and get the color that suits the theme you are trying to recreate.

Stained Glass Lighting Kits and Covers

Stained glass lighting kits and covers are beautiful fixtures that help beautifully reflect lights in the room. These kits and covers illuminate the room with so many colors and, in the process, turn the room into a beautiful space.

Best Stained Glass Ceiling Fans

River of Goods Tiffany Style 52 Inch Width Stained Glass Halston LED Ceiling Fan, Blue

Best Tiffany Style

River of Goods Tiffany Style 52 Inch Width Stained Glass Halston Led Ceiling fan is one of our favorite ones out there. One of the striking features of this beautiful tiffany glass ceiling fan is that the glass is hand-cut, giving it an elegant look.

Furthermore, this glass ceiling fan has a light fixture that consists of 6 beautiful lights. These lights shine through the 334 glass cuts and cabochons to create a stunning lighting effect in the room.

Again, the tiffany glass ceiling fan is energy efficient. It has five reversible blades that allow for the maximum airflow and comfort possible. Also, you can control the blade speed and light brightness with a pull chain which makes it easy to operate the fan.

Finally, the light kit includes two dimmable E12 LED 6W, and four dimmable E12 LED 1W warm white bulbs.

Panda Lighting Tiffany Style Ceiling Fan 

Best Chandelier Design

The next stained glass ceiling fan on our list is the River of Goods Craftsman Ceiling Fan. This fan has 5 reversible Rich Barnwood and Lightdrift wood build blades. So you’re getting an amazing wood aesthetic to complement the tone of the glass.

Besides, the blades are also not noisy as a pure copper motor powers them, leading to peaceful sleep. Again, this beautiful fan has three speeds. Furthermore, with a combination of hand-painted shell glass lampshade and beautiful lighting, you will be bringing a contemporary style into your room with this Tiffany-style ceiling fan.

It also has a light fixture that consists of energy-saving LED lights. Lastly, the remote control also came with this stained glass ceiling fan, allowing you to control it from anywhere in the room.

River of Goods Tiffany Style 52 Inch Width Stained Glass Halston LED Ceiling Fan, Spice

Best Budget

The River of Goods Tiffany Style Stained Glass Halston LED Ceiling Fan, Spice remains one of our favorite stained glass ceiling fans out there. One of its key features is its tiffany style design. Each 334 glass it has is hand-cut to create a stunning design.

It also has six lights that also make the fan a light ceiling fan. The lights shine beautifully through the cut glass to create beautiful reflections in rooms. Again, its five blades are reversible and energy-efficient.

Besides, it also comes with a pull chain for ease of use to change the fan’s speed and light strength. Again, you will also find two E12 LED 6W and four dimmable E12 LEDs in the light kit.

SILJOY Tiffany Style Ceiling Fans with Lights and Retractable Blades

Best in portability

One great way to add a beautiful, modern touch to your bedroom is by using the SILJOY Tiffany Style Ceiling fan. This 36-inch ceiling fan is not the biggest out there, and this gives a unique look. The fan’s total height is 17″ with its super short downrod.

Besides, since each of its blades is retractable, the fan can double as a chandelier too. Other features of this beautiful fan include a step-less dimmable light, color-changing lights, etc. It also comes with a remote for controlling the fan and light.

The light fixtures also include a dimmable 32-watt LED Panel with adjustable brightness. The light also has a temperature range of 2700K, to 4500K, to 6000K. Moreover, you can also adjust the brightness and color of the light with the remote.

River of Goods Glam 52 Inch Width Clear Crystal Double-Lit LED Ceiling Fan

Best in energy efficiency

Light up your home decor in style using this beautiful River of Goods Glam 52 Inch Width Clear Crystal Double-Lit Led Ceiling Fan. It has a beautiful chandelier design that is capable of transforming any room into a beautiful space.

The ceiling fan’s blade is also reversible for maximum airflow, and you have a choice to choose the mahogany wood or the antique black blade. Besides, the fan is both energy efficient and quiet, which allows for better, comfortable sleep.

Furthermore, the fan’s shades also have over 76 woven clear faceted K-9 crystals with a satin nickel finish. We also like that it has a pull chain that you can use to change the fan’s speed and the light’s strength.

Fandian 42″ Tiffany Style Ceiling Fan with Light Classic LED Chandelier

Best in durability

Fandian did an excellent job by bringing the Tiffany classic church traditional style into this ceiling fan of theirs. The colors on the glasses of this fan are sure to bring vigor into any room it occupies. Furthermore, since the blades are retractable, they can also serve as a chandelier.

With a pure copper motor, you will find the fan very silent while consuming very little power. Lest we forget, the motor also helps guarantee an average working time of 5-10 years. Durability was also crucial for the manufacturer as they used A-grade electronic plating. In light of this, it doesn’t rust, and it is also durable.

The fan is also easy to install as installation requires basic assembly skills. You can also call on professionals to install for you if you are not comfortable with doing that yourself.


We have taken our time to review some of the best-stained glass ceiling fans out there. We are also optimistic that you will find the one that suits your style among the many stained glass ceiling fans we wrote about.

Rest assured that regardless of the one you choose among the stained glass ceiling fans that made our list, you will be choosing a quality one. The reason is simple- our list shows the best ones you could find.

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